Gray Linen Shower Curtain Hanging in Bathroom with White Soaker Tub

5 Reasons to Invest in Stylish Linen Shower Curtains

When it comes to the look and feel of a bathroom, details matter. From hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower to create a spa-like atmosphere to choosing matching hand towels and bathmats, you have the power to set the tone of this high-traffic area in your home. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom with one decoration, it’s time to invest in a high-quality linen shower curtain.

With scientifically proven benefits and a stylish design, linen is the best choice for shower curtains that will last. But why is that? And what are your design options? Keep your bathroom squeaky clean and enjoy the luxurious sight of a linen shower curtain in every bathroom in your home.  

Why Linen is Amazing for the Home

Lilac Linen Shower Curtain

You deserve to be surrounded by items that make your living spaces beautiful and luxurious. Whether you’re choosing bed linens for your guest room or picking transformative blackout curtains for the living room, these little touches are the key to turning a house into a home. There are countless reasons we love linen, from their graceful ability to add a pop of color to any space to settling into soft bedding at the end of a long day—but what people may not know is that linen is the premium, reliable choice for shower curtains. 

Incorporate Linen into These Rooms:

  • Bedroom—sheets, bedding, and blackout curtains
  • Living room—high-quality linen curtains
  • Dining room—tablecloths and runners
  • Kitchen—placemats and napkins
  • Bathroom—linen shower curtains!

5 Amazing Reasons to Choose Linen Shower Curtains

Absorbent, stylish, and always in style, linen is quickly becoming the most popular choice for shower curtains. But why is that? Between the aesthetic options and the many homeowner benefits of hanging linen curtains in the bathroom, there are five main reasons everyone should choose linen shower curtains: 

1. Linen Offers Timeless Style

The power of a shower curtain is often overlooked in décor, but as one of the most prominent features in a bathroom, the curtain you choose defines the style of the entire room. Linen, of all shapes and forms, brings a timeless feel to any space with its organic texture and refined elegance. Whether you lean more towards modernity and simplicity with a crisp lilac shower curtain or a rustic and traditional look with an olive green shower curtain, these designs can transform your bathroom.  

2. Linen is Antimicrobial 

Olive Green Linen Shower Curtain

While we like to imagine our bathrooms are always clean, they are one of the dirtiest rooms in the home. That’s why you need a shower curtain that works to fight back bacteria and keep your bathroom germ-free.

Linen shower curtains are naturally moisture-wicking, helping fight that dreaded mildew build-up. The natural flax fiber material (also known as silica) is antimicrobial, working to deter germs. Of course, you’ll still need to wash them regularly, but choosing linen over another material gives you a leg up on the cleanliness of the bathroom.

3. Linen is Soft and Durable

There’s a reason linen has been a popular material for centuries—it’s soft to the touch and designed to last. The flax fibers that make up linen create a strong, durable material designed to handle the normal wear and tear of daily use—making it perfect for a shower curtain! Linen also gets softer with every wash, and with the proper care, your favorite red shower curtains can be used for years without damage.

4. Linen Helps Air Circulation

Gone are the days of a soaked shower curtain dripping water on your bathroom floor. Linen shower curtains offer a breathability to your bathroom that other materials do not. With a supple texture and quick-drying abilities, linen keeps your bathroom feeling (and looking!) fresh after every shower.

5. Linen is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

We’re in a renaissance of trying to choose the more environmentally conscious options in our day-to-day lives—linen shower curtains are a sustainable and eco-friendly option for every home. Flax is a biodegradable resource, requiring less water to produce than other crops, meaning your shower curtain purchase has minimal impact on the environment. Commit to a greener future with stylish and soft linen shower curtains in your home.  

Do You Need a Liner for Linen Shower Curtains?

Ivory Linen Shower Curtain in Bathroom

The stylish shower curtain is the outer layer, but you will need an inner liner curtain to keep running water from splashing outside the bathtub—otherwise, the linen would get soaked with every shower! Liners usually go for a few dollars and can be replaced whenever they get grimy or damaged. Owning one will help elongate the lifespan of your pretty ivory shower curtains

How Many Shower Curtains Should You Have?

You should own a shower curtain for every bathroom with an open shower in your home, plus an extra or two. That way, when one needs to be cleaned, you have one set aside to put up as the other comes down. You can also stock up on a few different colors and designs to be able to revamp the look of your bathrooms whenever inspiration strikes!

Steps for Cleaning Linen Shower Curtains

If you want your linen shower curtains to last for years of use, it’s important to learn about the proper care instructions. Use these easy steps to wash and dry your shower curtains between uses:

  • Step 1: Take the linen shower curtain off the rings.
  • Step 2: If there are any blemishes, spot clean or pre-treat any stains before washing.
  • Step 3: Wash your curtains in a gentle, lukewarm, or cold cycle with a mild detergent.
  • Step 4: Dry on low heat with a gentle setting or hang to air-dry.
  • Step 5: Hang them back up or tuck them away in your linen closet for another time.

Linen is the perfect fabric for home décor, from the bed sheets you choose to the shower curtain you hang. Between the ways it keeps your bathroom in tip-top clean condition and the endless styling options it brings, linen shower curtains transform the space. But don’t just take out word for it! Invest in a set of linen shower curtains from Linenforce to experience the luxurious look and feel for yourself!

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