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How Blackout Curtains Can Transform the Way You Sleep

There's no better feeling than waking up completely rested in the morning. But for many, that's a rare occurrence. Whether you suffer from insomnia or seek consistent restorative nights, you're not alone. Simple, stylish, and oh-so-effective, sophisticated blackout-lined curtains can improve your sleep quality for good. 

But how do blackout curtains affect your sleep cycles? What other rooms in the house can they be hung in? And what's the correct way to hang these high-quality linen curtains? Find all your questions answered and choose the perfect blackout curtains for you and your lifestyle, and you'll soon notice the difference.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

Peach Linen Blackout Curtains on Window

While normal curtains are made from fabric that filters - but doesn’t block - light, blackout curtains have a lining on the inside designed to block out any natural or artificial light. With a gorgeous outer layer, these look like regular, high-quality linen curtains to the outside eye, so there's no need to sacrifice style for function—you can enjoy the lightweight look of linen while reaping the benefits of blackout curtains in any room. 

Who Can Benefit From Blackout Curtains?

People of all ages and lifestyles can enjoy the benefits of blackout curtains. Sleep is vital at every stage of life, from infancy to adulthood, and if anything is consistently disrupting your sleep cycle, your body and mind feel the consequences. Whether you're looking to set your baby's sleep schedule or switching to linen bedding and matching décor to be as comfortable as possible, blackout designs can improve anyone’s life.

5 Ways Blackout Curtains Can Improve Your Life

Light-controlling linen curtains have multiple benefits that can make all the difference in your home, from sleep cycles to general comfort: 

1. Control Light Exposure 

Whether you're looking to sleep in on the weekends or work the night shift and need to rest during the day, blackout curtains are the most efficient way to control light exposure in your bedroom. Regulate your sleep cycle, produce the melatonin your body needs, and block out the light from the outside world with these high-quality linen curtains to get a good night’s rest. 

2. Manage Room Temperature

Preventing light from entering the room isn't just beneficial to sleep patterns—it can also help control room temperatures. Think of the extra lining in these linen curtains as insulation, helping to keep heat out and your room at a comfortable temperature. In the warmer months of the year, blackout curtains can keep your AC bills down and keep you cool all summer long.

3. Increase Privacy 

French Blue Linen Curtain With Blackout Lining

Enhance the privacy of your home with blackout curtains. If you want extra seclusion from the outer world or are looking for a little extra safety, these are the best linen curtains for you. The durable, double-lined layer prevents anyone from seeing through them, making them perfect for bedrooms during the day and night alike.  

4. Protect Your Furniture

The biggest downside to natural light in your home is that it can lead to furniture and rugs fading. Decrease the light exposure on your favorite furniture pieces by shutting these curtains during the day when you're away. 

5. Minimize Noise 

Are you a light sleeper? Linen curtains with blackout lining are also known to reduce noise. If you live in a busy neighborhood or bustling city, hanging up these curtains can transform your room into a quiet, peaceful heaven as you drift to sleep.  

What Rooms Are Best for Blackout Curtains

Linen home goods and matching curtains can instantly elevate the décor in any room in the house.

Hang up blackout-lined designs in these rooms to change the way you live:

  • Bedroom: whether you work the night shift or are silencing outside noise, blackout curtains work in any bedroom. 
  • Nursery: hang light and noise-blocking linen curtains to give the baby the gift of uninterrupted sleep day and night.
  • Living room: Close the curtains during movie marathons to make your home a personal theater.

Are Blackout Curtains Only Available in Black?

Ivory Linen Curtains With Blackout Lining

Many people assume that blackout curtains only come in dark colors, but that's false. With an expert design and premium materials, browse vibrant hues to find the best linen curtains for your space. Whether you're searching for pretty peach linen curtains for a nursery, French blue curtains for a media room, or even a breezy ivory to match any home décor, we have plenty of vibrant options to show off your style in every room of your home. 

How to Correctly Install Blackout Curtains

The effectiveness of blackout curtains relies heavily on the installation process. If you place the rod too high or select curtains too short for the space, light can be let in accidentally, negating the purpose. To prevent this, use these simple set-up steps: 

Step 1: Mount your curtain rod. To elongate the look of your windows, hang the rod above the window frame. To make your windows look wider, select a rod that extends past the perimeter of the frame. This will also help you block out all light by covering every inch of the window and beyond.  

Step 2: Measure curtain length. Take your tape measurer and measure the distance between the floor and the top of your curtain rod. 

Step 3: Measure curtain width. If you know the length of the curtain rod, you can multiply that number by 2 to give your linen curtains that elegant fold. Don't forget to include a wider measurement for blackout curtains to ensure they fully cover the window's width. 

Step 4: Once you have your measurements, you can order light-blocking linen curtains—and you'll know they'll fit correctly.

Step 5: Hang your curtains, ensuring the material extends on both sides of the window frame. Test out the light-blocking abilities and prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Blackout curtains are a simple yet elegant solution to a complex problem. Whether you have to wake up for the night shift or are building the home theatre of your dreams, the benefits of a blackout-lined linen curtain can be enjoyed by anyone. Find a color you love and hang it up to experience the rest you deserve. 

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