About us

Linen Force was built on over 16 years of experience in all things linen. The origin of our story began with our desire to share the heritage and natural force of linen with those who embrace strong quality, time-honored beauty, and all the virtues of pure, thoughtfully sourced linen fabric.

Linen Force is here to Empower you in Lifes Journey. A brand that was conceptualized during a difficult period, we managed to pull through despite the adversity. We found our “force” which continues to inspire us in our path and hopefully in yours.

Our collection features a timeless display of high-quality, everyday linen items that bring effortless beauty to your daily rituals, whether it's going to bed, getting dressed, or getting out of the bath. Our pieces are made with quality fabrics that re-charge your energy through the beauty and quiet force of reliable, masterfully crafted linen fabric.

Carefully selected, the linen we use to create our products undergo strict quality control to ensure only the best linen flax is sourced. Our skilled and proficient seamstresses devote their hearts to each product, which is made to order, and never mass produced. 

Our work is grounded in values and standards, focused on quality manufacturing with a conscious, eco-friendly production code. While our success is owed to our sincere customer-centric approach and competitive pricing. Together with our team, we adhere to good values and ethical practices to bring you the very best quality through sustainability.

Designed with uncompromising style and with a force that is built to endure, come and explore the Linen Force collection. Relaxed yet refined, surround your life with the quiet force and everyday luxury that pure linen brings.

Linenforce online store is operating by Yan Force Ltd.
Mailing address:
Unit 1003, 10/F, Tower one, Lippo Center 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
E-mail address: hello@linenforce.com
Telephone: 00852-23194874

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