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Anyone Can Improve Their Sleep With These 5 Simple Tips

Catching some z’s, snoozing, hitting the sack—no matter what term you use, everyone can agree that sleeping is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But sometimes, whether you’re adjusting to a new sleep schedule or experiencing insomnia, getting a good night’s rest can feel impossible. You deserve consistent and luxurious sleep every night—and with beautiful cooling sheets and a few tried-and-true tips, you can learn how to improve sleep cycles and wake up refreshed every morning. 

What Happens to Our Bodies When We Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

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There’s nothing worse than lying down to sleep on your crisp linen sheets, only to toss and turn all night long. A lack of sleep can leave you feeling groggy, cranky, and discombobulated—but did you know there are more serious repercussions with sleep deprivation? When the human body doesn’t sleep for the recommended 7 to 9 hours, every part of the body reacts - emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Continuous sleep issues result in weight fluctuations, lowered immune systems, high blood pressure, and increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. Drowsiness can also lead to day-to-day mood changes, anxiety disorders, and issues with concentration and memory loss. Improving sleep helps every aspect of your body and mind—so why not take steps to ensure a lovely night’s rest?  

Common Causes of Poor Sleep

There’s no way around it—your body needs sleep. But even with high-quality cooling sheets, it’s normal to experience issues with falling and staying asleep.

Some of the most common reasons for insomnia and poor sleep quality are:

  • Excessive caffeine 
  • Chronic pain
  • Medical issues
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Sound disturbances

5 Dependable Tips to Improve Sleep Quality

When you’re trapped in a cycle of sleeplessness, it can feel never-ending. Adjust your bedtime routine with these five simple tips to improve sleep habits for good:

1. Improve Sleep with a Consistent Sleep Schedule

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Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is the key to regulating your body’s circadian rhythm. The most important elements of good sleep are consistency and duration. Setting a standard bedtime and rise time in the morning will help improve sleep quality, supporting different functions in your body, from cardiovascular systems to hormone production. 

To solidify and improve sleep schedules that suit your lifestyle, work backward. Think of when you need to wake up for work or school and count backward to find a helpful bedtime. Night owls could function better staying up and rising late, while morning people generally feel best falling asleep early and getting out of bed as the sun comes up. 

2. Remove Electronics from Your Bedtime Routine

It’s tempting to lure yourself to sleep with a comforting movie or an endless social media scroll, but to solidify a solid sleep cycle, resist the urge. Studies show that interacting with screens of any kind before bed can suppress the production of melatonin. Normally, melatonin is released naturally in the evening, forcing you to feel tired in preparation for bed. But that can easily go awry when we become dependent on screen time.

Allow your brain the chance to turn off and stop the electronic intake of information before settling into your cozy linen sheets for bed. With nonstop news of the world around us, putting your phone down at night can feel challenging, but blue light is known to boost alertness and keep you awake. If you need an activity to help you fall asleep once you’re wrapped up in your favorite cooling sheets, listen to music, pick up a good book, or take up a calming meditation practice

3. Keep Your Bedroom Dark with Blackout Curtains

If you have a light sensitivity, you know there’s nothing more jarring than lights shining into your window when you’re attempting to sleep. Whether you work the night shift and need to sleep during the day or want to block out bright street lights, investing in made-to-measure blackout curtains keeps your room private, quiet, and dark all day and night. Find the right curtain size to improve sleep quality at any time of day.   

4. Improve Sleep with the Perfect Sleeping Temperature 

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If you’ve ever woken up with freezing feet in the winter or sat awake in sweaty sheets in the summer, you know that temperature makes all the difference in a successful night of sleep. Body temperature naturally drops as the night goes on as a signal to rest. Choosing cooling sheets can help keep you and your bedroom at an equilibrium, keeping you cool in hot weather and cozy when it’s cold. Everyone has a different internal temperature—it’s just a matter of finding soft, cooling sheets that help improve sleep for you.

5. Invest in Comfortable Linen Sheets

Sleep in style and comfort with linen sheets. Every set of our sustainable linen sheets is naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, and temperature-regulating, setting your body up for a quality sleep every night. Cooling sheets are designed to adapt to your body temperature while working with the feel of your room. When paired with a plush mattress and a supportive pillow, linen sheets keep you comfortable all night long, allowing your body and mind complete rejuvenation.

Popular Flat Linen Sheet

Nothing is better than a cooling sheet set to keep you comfortable in any weather. Whether you’re buying a complete linen sheet set or finding a fitted linen sheet to go under your favorite duvet, choose from options ranging from boho-chic styles to ornate vintage looks to create a bedding set you’ll love every night:

Follow The 3-2-1 Rule to Improve Sleep

The 3-2-1 rule can help you set a relaxing and helpful bedtime routine. Three hours before bed, no more food; two hours before bed, no more work; one hour before bed, no screen time. Shutting your brain off from your daily activities and finishing dinner early can help your body prepare for a night of rest in cozy cooling sheets, leaving you refreshed every morning.

Between finding comfortable cooling sheets and determining your ideal sleep schedule, there are many accessible and simple ways to improve sleep quality. Give your mood and immune system a boost, get snuggly in your easy-to-care-for linen bedding, and wake up every day well-rested with our five simple tips. Sleep tight!  

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