Just Linen Curtain

Our Just Linen Curtain collection features all-linen drapery, crafted from the finest linen flax. Pre-washed and lightly textured, our pure linen curtains offer homes a luxe and lived-in natural look we love. Our linen is light, breathable, and airy, allowing just the right amount of natural lighting to flow through your space.

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Our Just Linen Curtain collection offers drapes in the finest quality flax linen available. Prewashed for extra softness and gentle texture, our Just Linen Curtain gives homes the luxe yet lived-in look that everyone loves. Linen is also light and breathable, ensuring you never let in too much sunlight or let out too much heat. With linen curtains, you will have the best meals with friends and game nights with family without worrying about too much or too little lighting.

The sheer fabric of the Just Linen Curtain allows for the perfect amount of privacy and light control without being too demanding or dark. Sunlight can gently filter in and out with no issue. Additionally, Linenforce is committed to crafting perfect, high-quality pieces that can be used in your home for generations. Whether you want light control, privacy, or just a little extra style, the Just Linen Curtain is perfect. 

Discover the most exciting Just Linen Curtain products, including:  

  • Cool Grey Linen Drapery with Back Tab
  • Mustard Linen Drapery with Tie Top
  • Optic White Linen Drapery with Rod Pocket

Cool Grey Linen Drapery with Back Tab

The Cool Grey Linen Drapery with Back Tab redefines both style and function. This drapery isn’t just a window treatment; it’s a style statement with a classic design and timeless sophistication. The back tab creates a crisp, clear line and allows for a very easy installation. Your curtains will hang effortlessly and gracefully, checking the boxes for both beauty and versatility. It’s the perfect blend of qualities, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or any space that needs some extra style. 

Mustard Linen Drapery with Tie Top

Invite a pop of color into any room with a Mustard Linen Drapery with Tie Top. The radiant yellow invites the radiance of the sun into your home without making things too hot or bright. The tie tops combine fashion and function. The bows add an element of fun, but they also create seamless installation and can even add extra length to your curtains. If you want to enjoy your window treatments every time you walk into a room, look no further than a Mustard Linen Drapery with Tie Top.

Upgrade all the windows in your home with Just Linen Curtains from Linenforce!