White Linen Curtain with Blue Embroidered Edge on Window

Edge Embroidered Curtain

Explore our collection of 100% pure linen curtains and drapes with embroidered edges. Made from organic linen fiber, our linen drapery is the perfect match for your bedroom, living home, or dining room decor. Refresh your window treatments with these pure linen curtain panels.

Linen curtains get an elegant new twist with a beautiful embroidered edge, perfect for adding a tiny splash of color to your space. Embroidered linen curtains are the perfect addition to any bedroom, dining room, living room, or office. They provide just enough light control to filter out harsh sunbeams but allow gentle natural light to stream in for a bright, happy living space. With a breezy feel and top-notch luxury, you can’t go wrong with Edge Embroidered Linen Curtains.

Linenforce strives to provide the best linen home goods, perfect for any area in your house. From linen curtains to gorgeous table linens, there is no end to the high-quality linen that can debut in your home.

Discover our favorite products in the Edge Embroidered Curtain collection, including:

  • Mustard Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain
  • Black Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain
  • Brilliant Blue Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain

Black Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain 

The classic black and white colorway is timeless, stylish, and iconic in this Black Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain. This beautiful linen curtain provides light control and privacy while adding to the overall aesthetic of your home in the perfect way. Outfitted with either a rod pocket or back tabs, you can choose to hang your linen curtains any way you like, giving you the most customization options possible. Breezy and luxurious take on new meaning with this Black Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain from Linenforce.

Brilliant Blue Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain

Add undeniable style to any room in your home with a Brilliant Blue Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain. The light texture and breezy feel add interest to your home décor no matter where you hang them. The crisp, clean white look gets an updated pop of color that can accent paint or other furniture or stand out all on its own. These linen curtains can adapt to your changing style and will last your family years to come.

Treat yourself and your windows to the luxury of the Edge Embroidered Linen Curtain collection today!