Plain Bolster

Plain Bolster

Start with the basics with our plain linen bolsters. Made from a high-quality linen fabric that looks as good as it feels, our linen bolster cases make for the best support and sleep buddies. Modern and minimalistic in its design, these linen bolsters captures the timeless style, impeccable quality, and the lasting everyday comfort that linen bedding brings.

In the world of bedding, sometimes less is more. The Plain Bolster collection from Linenforce perfectly embodies that simple, timeless vibe you want for your space. Made from the highest-quality linen fabric that looks as good as it feels, our linen bolster cases make for the best support and the chicest linen bedding accessory. Modern and minimalistic in design, these linen bolsters are the perfect comfort item you didn’t know you needed. 

Linenforce is known for its strong commitment to quality and durability. With exceptional customer service and a reputation of excellence, Linenforce is the go-to choice for those seeking superior bedding solutions. For simplistic, classic linen bedding products like a beautiful Plain Bolser, look no further than Linenforce’s selection. Whether you’re hoping for a cute bedding accessory or you just need more support for comfort, a linen bolster is the perfect solution. 

Experience the most exciting pieces from the Plain Bolster collection, such as:

  • Pale Blue Buttoned Linen Bolster
  • Black Buttoned Linen Bolster
  • Ivory Buttoned Linen Bolster

Pale Blue Buttoned Linen Bolster

With a sophisticated blend of style, comfort, and craftsmanship, a Pale Blue Buttoned Linen Bolster is the perfect addition to your bed, couch, or armchair. The pale blue hue exudes tranquility, creating a soothing atmosphere anywhere in your home. With delicate button detailing, your insert will be easily secured and will hold up to heavy use. This bolster is the perfect blend of classic charm and contemporary flair that will elevate your décor.

Black Buttoned Linen Bolster

Created from pure, 100% linen, a luxurious Black Buttoned Linen Bolster will be your favorite new addition to your space. This striking statement piece will become a decorative focal point in your room, elevating the ambiance. Its style is matched only by its quality. Linen is meant to last for years and be durable against even heavy wear and tear. For support, comfort, and a chic accessory, look no further than a Black Buttoned Linen Bolster.

Step into a whole new world of comfort by purchasing a Plain Bolster from Linenforce today!