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Alloy Grey Color Bordered Linen Tablecloth

Alloy Grey Color Bordered Linen Tablecloth

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Style your dining table with an elegant yet casual feel with our Alloy Grey Color Bordered Linen Tablecloth. Made from 100% pure linen fabric, our handcrafted tablecloths are softly textured and perfect for everyday use. Our tablecloths with colored borders are woven from the highest-quality European flax. No matter the occasion you’re celebrating, this white and alloy grey tablecloth adds effortless elegance to your space.

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Whether you want a classic monochromatic look or a colorful mix-and-match approach, this white and grey tablecloth allows you to create your own style. This pure linen tablecloth looks simple and relaxed, adding the perfect textured touch to your dining room. Not only will this white and grey tablecloth look great, but the durable linen fabric will help absorb spills and get softer with each wash. Treat yourself and your dining guests to ultimate luxury with a linen white and grey tablecloth today!

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Made to order for perfect fit
100% linen, middle weight
Prewashed treatment, no shrinking
6-inch hem on all 4 sides
Oeko-tex certified

Size guide

The tablecloth is measured in flat for dimension width and length.
Tablecloth width: tabletop width+( desire drop X 2).
Tablecloth length: tabletop length + (desire drop x 2).
In generally, we recommend an 8” to 10” drop to overhang of your tablecloth.
For example, if your table measurement is W.40 " x L.70", the desire drop is 10", your tablecloth width is (10"x2) + 40" =60", and length is (10"x2) + 70"=90".

W.60" x L.104" / W.152 x L.265cm
W.60" x L.120" / W.152 x L.305cm
W.70" x L.70" / W.180 x L.180cm
W.70" x L.90" / W.180 x L.230cm
W.70" x L.108" / W.180 x L.275cm
W.70" x L.118" / W.180x L.300cm
W.70" x L.126" / W.180x L.320cm
Custom size is available.

Shipping & Returns

The processing time is 3 to 5 working days that varied on seasons.
The delivery time depend on the shipping service selected.
Express courier: 5 to 7 working days
Standard service: 14 to 21 working days

Visit our page shipping and return & refund for more information.


To Do

1. Spot clean or pre-treat for deep stains before laundry.
2. Wash it with same material or similar tone’s laundries.
3. Machine Temperature set up to maxi. 30 C/86 F.
4. Use a mild liquid detergent with gentle circle.
5. Use dryer at low heat and delicate setting to preserve the lifespan.

Not to Do 

1. Do not pour detergent directly onto linen.
2. Do not blench or use fabric softeners.
3. Do not dry-clean or iron.
4. Do not overloaded the machine.

Payment methods

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Visa - Mastercard - American Express (Amex): A widely accepted credit cards that offers security and convenience.

PayPal - A secure online payment platform that allows you to pay with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card.

No matter which payment method you choose, rest assured that all
transactions are secure and protected. Once you place your order and complete your payment, you will receive an email confirmation of the payment after it has been processed. Please note that until payment is received, Linenforce is not required to ship any orders.

If you have any questions or concerns about our payment options, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.

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