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All About Linen Home Goods

At the end of the day, coming home to your very own oasis should be your favorite thing. When it comes to home décor, selecting the right materials is key to creating a comfortable and stylish space. Among the many options available, linen stands out as a fantastic choice for home goods.

Building your home into the sanctuary you deserve is easier than you might think. We think making the change to luxurious, 100% linen home goods is a great first step to creating your perfect home environment. 

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural textile that has been used for centuries and is derived from the fibers of a flax plant. The process of creating linen involves harvesting the flax plants, extracting the fibers, and then craftily weaving them into fabric. The texture of linen is unique and offers tons of versatility.

Linen textiles have been treasured for centuries for their exceptional qualities and timeless style. Egyptians, in particular, were very fond of linen garments and held them in high regard, using the textiles as symbols of purity and wealth. As time progressed, linen products gained popularity and made their way to the rest of the world.

Since its creation, linen has been highly valued by communities around the world. It’s stylish, elegant, and stands the test of time.

Cool Gray Linen Plain Round Tablecloth on Table

What are the Advantages of Linen?

There are tons of benefits of linen home goods. Whether your priorities for your home are looks, functionality, or some combination of the two, linen home goods will wow you.

5 of our favorite things about linen home goods are that they’re:

  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Easy to care for
Black Edge Embroidered Linen Duvet Cover and Pillowcases on Bed

Linen is Extremely Lightweight and Breathable

We love linen because of its breathable nature and lightweight texture. Since its weaving pattern is slightly looser and more open than other fabrics, like cotton, it’s naturally very breathable. This makes linen an ideal choice for warm-weather clothing, as it drapes over the body very lightly.

Beyond its comfort, linen’s breathability and lightweight feel make it very practical for everyday use. The lightweight nature of linen bedding is great for hot sleepers who have a hard time staying asleep. The fabric’s texture creates natural ventilation, allowing all the excess heat to escape.

The natural ventilation is also what makes it great for tablescapes. The warmth from hot food will dissipate quickly, keeping table surfaces safe and unharmed. It can prevent condensation from developing and damaging wooden tables. With its breezy feel and light touch, linen embodies the essence of effortless, functional style.

Linen is Absorbent and Moisture-Wicking

Another great benefit of the open weave of linen home goods is that it makes the fabric extremely absorbent. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll never wake up with damp bedding again after investing in some linen sheets. Linen bedding will keep you nice and dry while remaining stylish and comfortable.

Its absorbent properties are also one of the reasons table linens are so popular. No need to worry about spills and dampness at the dinner table with your linen tablecloth because it will dry quickly by itself. If you’re hoping to be more environmentally friendly in your home, linen napkins are a great place to start. They absorb much quicker than cotton napkins, so they work well even if you have little ones who spill often.

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Linen bedding and other household products are also a safe, healthy option for those with allergies or sensitivities to household irritants. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and won’t hold onto dust mites or other common allergens. It’s also very gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of redness, irritation, or itching that might come with other fabrics.

Linen Lasts a Lifetime

The fact that ancient artifacts with linen are still in decent shape should be a sign – linen home goods last forever! Linen home goods are a wonderful investment because they will likely last long enough to be passed down to future generations. A unique attribute of linen bedding is that it only gets softer the more you wash it, so it won’t be damaged or fall apart in the washing machine.

Mustard Yellow Linen Bedding

Linen’s natural resistance to dirt and stains also contributes to its longevity. The structure of the linen fibers makes it more difficult for dirt or stains to penetrate, and it makes those that do make it through much easier to wash out. With proper care and maintenance, your linen home goods will maintain their high quality for years to come.

Mustard 100% Linen Ruffle Hem Bolster

Caring for Linen is Easy

Washing your linen home goods and keeping them clean is extremely simple. Whether you choose to hand or machine wash, there are just a few tips to remember. To keep your linen sheets, bedding, and other home goods from getting damaged, avoid hot water when washing. Cold or lukewarm water works best, as does the gentle cycle on the washing machine! 

Additionally, it’s important that you use a mild detergent for your linen bedding and that you avoid anything harsh. If you do need some extra stain remover, try treating your linen home goods with a bit of dish soap prior to machine washing. Finally, never dry or iron with high heat! Low heat and airflow will dry linen home goods quickly and efficiently.

Linen Fits Tons of Décor Styles

No matter what kind of vibe you’re going for in your home, linen is a wonderful choice.

3 of our favorite themes to style with linen home goods are:

  • Rustic farmhouse
  • Casual coastal
  • Classic and minimalist

Linen Home Goods for Farmhouse Vibes

Linen home goods are the perfect complement to a rustic farmhouse décor look, seamlessly blending with the warm and cozy ambiance that defines this style. The natural texture and earthy tones of linen create a harmonious connection with rustic elements, like different wood tones mixed with bright whites and cute features.

Linen and Beachy, Coastal Décor

The lightweight, breezy feel of linen home goods makes them a dream for beach houses and coastal décor. Not only do they fit the style, but the moisture-wicking properties make linen a practical choice for humid beach environments, ensuring optimal comfort for you and all your beach guests. Overall, linen’s inherent qualities make it a natural choice for all your coastal décor needs, enhancing the relaxation and serenity of your space.

Classic, Clean Linen Décor

Linen has an undeniable ability to create a clean, classic look in décor that is both timeless and effortlessly elegant. With its crisp and refined appearance, linen home goods add a touch of sophistication to your home. Whether it’s linen curtains perfectly framing a window or clean linen sheets adorning your bed, linen’s neutral color palette and luxurious feel will help you create a classic, minimalist oasis.

Optic White 100% Linen Gathered Ruffle

Our Favorite Linen Bedding Options

We love linen products all over the house, but linen bedding adds an unmatched level of luxury to your home.

Our favorite elements of linen bedding are:

  • Duvet covers
  • Linen sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Throw pillows
  • Bedskirts

Ivory 100% Linen Ruffle Hem Duvet Cover

Linen Duvet Covers and Bedspreads

Choosing a linen duvet cover is an exciting way to show off your personal style in your room. There are tons of different designs and colors to perfectly execute whatever feel you’re going for. You’ll experience the best sleep of your life with a linen duvet cover or bedspread because they’re warm and cozy without being stifling. The temperature-regulating properties will ensure you’re not too hot or cold, and you can choose a linen duvet cover that feels right for your room.

For a shabby-chic look that adds personality to a room, we love this Aqua Green Skirt Ruffle Pure Linen Duvet Cover. It adds a perfect mix of whimsy and style. With certain linen pillowcases or sheet sets, you can dress this look up or down to fit your mood. For a more refined look, this Edge Embroidered Linen Duvet Cover is superb. Its delicate texture and classic edge bring the luxury hotel feel right to your home.

Linen Sheet Sets

Imagine coming home in the evening to fall into a sensory delight that will put you to sleep in no time. That’s what your bed will be with linen sheets! Linen sheets are the last sheets you’ll ever buy, besides maybe an extra set for your guest room. Because linen only gets softer the more you use and wash it, linen sheets are a great addition to your collection or a great place to start if you’re just beginning.

Whether you’re trying to have a matching set or you just want a pop of color under your neutral linen duvet coverlinen sheets sets are available in all different hues that give off different feelings. Linen sheet sets also make fantastic housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or even birthday presents!

Mustard 100 % Linen Sheets Set Folded

Using Linen Pillowcases

The allure of linen extends beyond sheets and duvet covers to linen pillowcases. The effortless style and comfort of a good linen pillowcase will ensure that the best moment of your day is the moment your head hits the pillow. Everyone loves the feeling of the cold side of the pillow but imagine feeling it all night long. Linen’s ability to regulate temperature ensures that not too much heat is absorbed from your body to your pillow, so you always have a cool, refreshing place to lay your head.

A simple linen pillowcase always gets the job done well and is perfect for matching any style of linen bedding. If you’re more of a simple décor person, we love Buttoned Linen Bolster for just a touch of extra design.

Linen Bolsters and Throw Pillows

If you’re into the idea of linen bedding but want to bring those natural elements to your living room or den, linen throw pillows are just the thing. The texture of a linen throw pillow or pillow cover complements any couch or chair and allows your guests a little more support when sitting down.

As another bonus, these linen throw pillows won’t lose their shape and become lumpy like so many throw pillows tend to do. The high-quality craftsmanship of the linen itself, as well as the stuffing, ensures that your pillows will last for years to come.

Optic White Buttoned Linen Bolster

Bedskirts and Dust Ruffles

The finishing touch on your gorgeous linen bedding set is a linen bedskirt. Not only does a linen bedskirt complete the bedding ensemble, but it also effortlessly covers your box spring and any hardware from a bedframe. Because linen has all those hypoallergenic properties, a linen bedskirt helps to reduce dust, animal hair, and other allergens from floating around in your bedroom.

Whether you’re interested in a romantic, flowing, ruffled look or a polished, minimalist option, a linen bedskirt will perfectly complete your linen bedding collection.

Alloy Grey Linen Drapery With Blackout Lining

Linen Curtains and Table Linens

Aside from linen bedding, there are great linen options that can bring an extra element of sophisticated design to your home. Linen curtains are perfect if you don’t need anything heavy but want a little something as a window treatment. If you need something heavier-duty, like for a baby or child’s room, consider blackout linen curtains. They have the airy look and feel of traditional linen curtains but with a blackout layer that keeps sunlight from shining in.

Table linens are also perfect for beginning your linen collection because they are practical, stain resistant, and will last a lifetime. We especially love linen tablecloths and linen napkins for everyday messes and cleaning up after children. These luxurious textiles will make it feel like your kitchen is a five-star restaurant!

Why Linenforce?

Linenforce is committed to sourcing the highest-quality, most luxurious linen products out there. The unparalleled expertise and dedication of Linenforce can show you what a small business can do. Linen home goods are the best investment for your family and home, especially since they will be around for so long.

With hundreds of linen home goods options available on our site and even some customizable options, Linenforce sells the best linen home goods that can improve your sleep, impress guests, and increase your home’s charm and value.

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