Ivory Linen Bedding on Bed

Why Linen Bedding?

Your home should be your sanctuary, allowing ultimate relaxation and unwinding after all the things you’ve had to face in the world. Furthermore, your bedroom should be the most spa-like of all the rooms in your home. To achieve optimal rest, comfort, and rejuvenation, your bed and bedroom should be the space of your dreams. With luxurious linen bedding, that tranquility is just around the corner. 

How is Linen Made? 

Linen, one of the oldest textiles in existence, is derived from the flax plant. The process of weaving the flax fibers into the linen we know and love has been around forever. Though it has gotten much more sophisticated and industrial, the process used to create linen today has the same steps as it did in ancient times. 

First, flax has to be grown and harvested. Flax thrives in temperate climates, and it doesn’t require much upkeep, like water and fertilizer, while growing. This is one of the reasons flax became such a popular and versatile crop in years past. Oftentimes it grew without any work from farmers at all.

Flax Texture

After the flax is harvested, it undergoes the following steps: 

It is in these steps that the regular flax plant becomes the luxurious, distinctive linen fabric that is versatile beyond belief. From that point, the yarn is sent all over the world to fulfill its destiny as some of the best linen bedding you could ever want.

Linen Bedding Through the Ages

Candle on Bed with Linen Bedding

Fondness for linen is nothing new. Linen has a rich history and has been used by communities all over the world for hundreds of years. It has been prized for its exceptional quality and luxury ever since the first populations learned how to weave this glorious fabric. 

Linen use can be traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. For these groups, linen use was reserved for royalty and elite members of society. Because of its meticulous production process, linen quickly became a symbol of wealth and prestige, adorning the homes and bodies of well-respected royalty. 

With centuries of use, it’s no wonder that linen bedding is still a top choice globally. By choosing linen bedding for your home, you’re indulging in a rich piece of history, honoring the elite craftsmanship it takes for production, and giving yourself the most wonderful rest possible. 

Linen Bedding Lasts

One of the key factors that makes linen bedding so durable is the strength of the flax fibers from which it’s made. Flax fibers are known for being tough and robust, which is what made linen a popular choice even hundreds of years ago. It has a natural resistance to stretching, pilling, and ripping, so even after years of use, your linen bedding will look as good as new.

Our favorite quality of linen bedding that will ensure your products last you for decades is that it actually gets softer with time and washing. Instead of breaking down the fabric, consistent washing only conditions and softens linen bedding, making it even more cozy after every wash. That clean-sheet feeling you love will get better and better the longer you own your linen bedding set.

100% Linen Ivory Sheets Set

Linen Helps You Sleep

We have great news for those that have terrible insomnia or sleep issues - linen bedding can help you get a good night’s rest. Gone are the days of tossing and turning, hoping you might catch at least an hour or two of sleep. The unique properties of linen sheets contribute to a calm, rejuvenating sleep environment.

3 things we love about linen sheets are that they are: 

  1. Breathable
  2. Moisture-wicking
  3. Temperature-regulating

Linen bedding can have a profound impact on your sleep quality. Your new linen sheets not only have those amazing qualities, but they’re great for folks with allergy issues and sensitive skin. Because of its unique crafting process and natural fibers, linen sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and can repel dust and other allergens. With all these features, linen sheets are the answer to a restful night and an energized morning. 

Linen Bedding is Stylish 

Your bedroom should not only be comfortable, but it should reflect your personality and create a safe, welcoming space for you. We love linen bedding for its style, versatility, and its potential to accent any type of décor available.

3 ways we love to see linen styled are:

  1. Boho chic vibe
  2. Classic, minimalist ambiance
  3. Ornate vintage look

For a boho-inspired look, linen bedding is ideal for its relaxed, chill vibe. The textured appearance of linen enhances this aesthetic and evokes a sense of effortless relaxation. We love a linen duvet cover in an earthy tone, like this fun Green Olive Ruffled Hem Duvet Cover for this look. 

Brilliant Blue Edge Embroidered Linen Duvet Cover

For a minimalist, clean look, we adore a simple Edge Embroidered Linen Duvet Cover because it is pure with clean lines with just a hint of color if you desire. 

Must-Have Linen Bedding Pieces 

Whether you want a complete bedroom overhaul or you’re seeking a slow transition or statement pieces, choosing your linen bedding is exciting, and there are tons of fun options. If you’re just starting out with your linen bedding collection, we suggest linen sheets to begin. 

Linen sheets are the perfect way to decide if linen bedding is right for you because you have the most contact with your sheets while you sleep. Additionally, linen sheets will become your softest piece of bedding very quickly due to frequent washes and wear. If you want linen sheets that go with everything, we love this Ivory 100% Linen Sheets Set. These make a phenomenal housewarming or birthday gift, too! 

Another favorite when beginning your linen journey is a set of linen pillowcases. Linen pillowcases are always a hit because their temperature-regulating properties provide you with the coveted “cold side of the pillow” feel. Plus, linen pillowcases come in tons of interesting colors to either match your linen sheets or add a pop of color! We love these Mustard Linen Side Ruffle Pillowcases for a bold look or these Pale Blue and White Two Tone Linen Pillowcases for a spa-like feel. 

Cool Grey Linen Duvet Cover With Ties

Linen Duvet Covers and Accent Pillows

Your linen pillowcases and sheets will provide you with unmatched comfort under the covers, but what about the outside? Linen duvet covers and accent pillows help keep you cozy while also completing the aesthetic and style you want for your home. 

The linen duvet cover you choose can be the focal point of your whole bedroom. The colors and styles available can take your bedroom from a relaxed vibe to a crisp, clean feel and anything in between. From classic Bow Tie Linen Duvet Covers to a more colorful Two-Toned Linen Duvet Cover, we have you covered no matter your style. 

For just one more fun feature to add to your linen bedding, we suggest a linen bolster. These versatile pillows have several uses. If you want an extra décor aspect for your linen bedding, a linen bolster is the answer. For those that need a little extra back or leg support while sleeping, a linen bolster can provide the relief you need to keep your body aligned and comfortable. With a linen bolster, there will be no more waking up with a crick in your neck and no more asleep legs from lack of support. This makes a great gift, as well!  

Why Should I Invest in Linen Bedding?

Investing in linen bedding is a decision that not only enhances your sleep experience but offers long-term value and benefits. The durability and longevity of linen sheets and bedding help them withstand regular washing without compromising the quality or structure of the fabric. Unlike other textiles that show signs of wear over time, linen sheets and bedding only maintain their integrity and become more supple as time passes.

Additionally, linen sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding pieces are timeless. Linen has been around for hundreds of years and is only getting more popular with age. Many folks around the world recognize that this textured, sophisticated fabric will last a lifetime, both in looks and quality. Its versatility also keeps up with the changing times, and it’s able to adapt to any look you might choose in your bedroom. 

Pale Blue and White Two Tones Linen Pillowcases Pair

Finally, linen sheets and bedding are a phenomenal investment because they are eco-friendly and sustainable. The process of creating linen is inherently eco-friendly, with little water and very few chemicals and fertilizers used. Since its quality is unmatched, linen sheets just might be the last set of sheets you buy, so the return on investment is unbelievable. 

Washing Your Linen Bedding 

Part of keeping your linen sheets and bedding items looking and feeling perfect for years is taking proper care of them. As previously mentioned, linen sheets do get softer with each and every wash, but you should take a few precautions to make sure they don’t endure any damage along the way. 

First, keep things gentle. This applies to the temperature, wash cycle, and detergent you choose for your linen sheets. Cold or lukewarm water is best for linen sheets, and a gentle cycle and mild detergent are best for keeping your products safe. We love the fresh smell and natural feel of hanging linen sheets on the clothesline to dry, but you can also dry them in the dryer using low heat if you prefer. 

Linen sheets naturally develop charming wrinkles and creases, which we think add to the allure and luxury of the items. However, if you prefer a clean, smooth look, you can use an iron on very low heat. When not in use, keep your linen sheets and bedding in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum protection. With these tips, your linen bedding should last a lifetime! 

Other Linen Home Goods

While we love linen sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding products, your love for linen does not have to stop in the bedroom. There are tons of other linen home goods that will help create your perfect space all throughout your house. To bring a bit of luxury into the kitchen, we love a classic linen tablecloth adorned with linen napkins. Your dinner guests will feel like they have been transported to a luxury, high-end restaurant. Table linens are also great for spills and easy clean-up. 

If you want a bright, airy feel for the rest of your home, consider linen curtains. Linen curtains can provide a little extra texture and interest to any room while giving you a little privacy and light control. If you need more light control, like for a baby’s room or extra-bright bedroom, blackout linen curtains are a great option.

Indigo Blue Linen Plain Napkin Set

Finally, perhaps one of the most functional things for the home is a linen shower curtain. Since linen is naturally moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating, a linen shower curtain is fantastic for hot, steamy bathrooms. Whether you just want a high-quality shower curtain or you’re trying to curb all the splashes of little ones in the bath, a linen shower curtain is a great piece for your home.

Making the Switch to Linen 

Linen bedding is the ultimate comfort and will truly transform your bedroom into an oasis. Choosing linen bedding is not just about bringing beauty to your room but bringing a sustainable, eco-friendly, and high-quality option into your space. The addition of linen sheets or other bedding pieces will give you the experience of slipping into a cool, fresh, and inviting bed. 

Whether you are looking for a new set for your own bedroom, a gift for a loved one, or just a fun new accent piece, linen bedding from Linenforce will have you comfortable and satisfied.
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