Folded White 100% Linen Quilt on Table

Linen Bedspread & Coverlet

Elevate the elegance and comfort of your bedroom with linen bedspreads and coverlets from Linenforce. Experience true luxury and create the peaceful, stylish bedroom of your dreams with our beautiful linen bedding and quilts. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our linen coverlets and bedspreads are designed to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary.

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At Linenforce, our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, 100% linen bedding products that will help make your house a home. We were founded by linen experts who are passionate about sharing the quality and beauty of linen with the world. Our collection goes beyond bedspreads and coverlets, offering a wide range of linen products, including curtains, tablecloths, and more.

Explore our diverse range of linen bedspreads and coverlets, including:

  • Ruffle Coverlet
  • Box Stitch Linen Quilt Bedspread

Ruffle Coverlet 

The two layers of ruffles on our Ruffle Coverlet create a luxurious, romantic look that instantly transforms your bed from boring into a focal point of beauty. Made from high-quality pure linen fabric, this linen bedspread offers exceptional comfort and breathability while also creating a carefree and versatile atmosphere. The two layers and reversible design make styling multiple ways and for different seasons a breeze, and the durability and sustainability of the fabric ensure your linen bedding will last for years to come. 

Box Stitch Linen Quilt Bedspread

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and style with the Box Stitch Linen Quilt Bedspread. This beloved mid-weight solution ensures a restful night's sleep, as it is crafted from pure, natural linen that only gets softer with time. The lightly textured fabric exudes chicness and comes in more than a dozen color choices you can mix and match to create your perfect look. This linen quilt bedspread is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the seasons, making it an ideal choice for any bedroom.

Add natural beauty and timeless charm to your bedroom with our linen quilt bedspreads and coverlets!