Natural Linen Quilted Bedspread Folded on Table

Quilted Bedspread

Our pure linen, box quilt bedspreads are woven and crafted from the finest linen flax, textured in a way that makes this a sure long-time favorite in your linen bedding collection. Soft and sumptuous, our quilted bedspread collection is made for your comfort and the feeling of everyday luxury, for there is nothing quite as luxurious as a good night’s rest.

Craftsmanship meets timeless design with the beautiful Quilted Bedspread collection from Linenforce. Our pure linen Quilted Bedspreads are woven and crafted from the very finest linen flax, textured to give your bedding interest and luxury. With supreme softness and the most perfect quilted patterns, this bedspread will create the best night’s rest and keep you comfortable for hours on end. 

Linenforce’s mission is to provide all customers with the highest-quality, most impressive linen home goods available. Every bedroom should be a haven of comfort and luxury, and adding a cozy linen bedspread does the job perfectly. With moisture-wicking properties and temperature regulation abilities, the Quilted Bedspread collection is the answer to a great night. 

Discover all the best products from the Linen Quilted Bedspread collection, including:

  • White Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread
  • Natural Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread 

White Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread 

If you’re looking for the most versatile, spa-like bedspread to complete your linen bedding ensemble, look no further than the White Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread. With a fresh, clean white look that keeps your bedroom feeling light and luxurious. This piece of bedding features a textured look that gives that perfect cozy aesthetic while truly enhancing your sleeping experience.

Natural Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread

A Natural Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread is truly the best of both worlds. At the intersection between luxurious and casual, this linen bedspread is effortlessly chic and fits a huge variety of bedroom aesthetics. The timeless design is simple and elegant and a blank canvas for the all-linen bedding ensemble of your dreams. Whether you match the natural color of this linen bedspread or choose extra pops of color for your other elements, the Natural Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread is a great start for your collection.

Upgrade your bedding ensemble today with a Quilted Bedspread from Linenforce.