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Make the Bed with Luxurious Linen Bedding Options

Tranquility, peace, Zen—these words describe exactly what you should feel as you drift off to sleep at night. With the hustle and bustle of our modern-day life, it can feel downright impossible to chill out at the end of a long day. So, how do you make that calm sanctuary a reality? To fully transform your bedroom's vibe and sleep cycle, you must invest in the right bedding.  

This simple switch seems too good to be true, but it’s a scientifically proven fact that the quality of your sheets can directly affect your rest. If you've been sleeping in low-quality sheets, it's time for an upgrade. Leave the lackluster sheets behind and set yourself up for ultimate relaxation with the linen bedding of your dreams. 

Where Does Linen Come From?

Alloy Gray and White Two Tone Linen Duvet Cover

Linen is a natural material made from flax fibers and is famous for being one of the oldest textiles in human history. With low upkeep and environmentally friendly resource use, flax is a popular and versatile crop produced worldwide, making it the perfect material for anything from gauze to clothing for centuries. Once the flax is harvested, it is separated and spun into yarn to create the soft, beloved linen fabric we know and love today. 

5 Reasons Linen Makes the Perfect Bedding Material 

Linen bedding is revered for timeless style and grace, but there are many reasons people love sleeping in linen sheets, including:

  1. Breathability—the linen fibers encourage air circulation rather than clinging to your body as you sleep.
  2. Temperature regulation—linen can adapt to your body temperature, keeping you cool during any season.
  3. Durability—with the natural ability of anti-stretching, pilling, and ripping, linen bedding looks brand new for years.
  4. Style—linen designs are versatile and lend well to different styles, from Bohemian to minimalist. 
  5. Easy-to-wash—washing bedding can be a hassle, but linen makes it easy to stay on top of your laundry schedule. 

3 Things to Look for When Buying Linen Bedding

Whether you decide to switch out your aging cotton sheet set for new linen sheets or are interested in buying completely new linen bedding, there are three elements to consider as you shop: 

1. Linen Quality

Thread count tends to be the most tossed-around phrase when debating the most high-quality sheets, and while the number makes a world of difference for cotton or bamboo, the same cannot be said of linen. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a certain area of fabric, but as linen is twice as thick as other materials, the number is automatically less. Instead of thread count, linen quality is rated based on a GSM scale, grams per square meter. This measures the weight of a fabric, and high-quality linen quilts and pillowcases are lightweight.  

2. Linen Bedding Size

White Linen Flat Sheet with Blue Embroidered Edge

Before you hit the purchase button on a new set of blue-edge linen sheets, make sure you understand the sizing. Our linen bedding follows the typical measurements for a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. You could consider sizing up one measurement to add an oversized element to your linen duvet cover and sheets to create an extra luxurious look. But, for any linen bedskirts or pillowcases, learn how to choose the right size and stick with the exact measurements for a perfect fit.  

3. Color and Style

Perhaps the most important decision comes down to the colors and styles of linen bedding. From simple grey and white linen duvet covers to vibrant aqua-green ruffle linen sheets, each hue and decorative touch you choose is up to you. 

The bed is the main decorative piece in a bedroom, so the details of your linen pillowcases and sheets can make or break the overall aesthetic. Consider coordinating your bedding set or mixing and matching different colors and find the perfect linen sheets for your style. 

Our Favorite Linen Bedsheet Designs

While many of our linen sheets come with a plain and simple design, others feature decorative accents.

As you build your linen bedding set, consider these flirty and fun design elements: 

  • Embroidered edges
  • Ruffle hems
  • Bow ties
  • Two-toned colors
  • Quilted texture

Finding Linen Sheets and Pillowcases

Linen sheet sets are a simple switch for any room in the house, from your children’s twin bunk beds to the cozy guest bed. The fitted sheet that protects your mattress and the top sheet that separates your body from the comforter are perfect pieces of a bedding set to upgrade to soft linen. Linen pillowcases also offer a moisture-wicking ability and anti-bacterial properties, keeping your skin fresh all night. Keep cool during the hot summer days and warm during the chill of winter with linen sheets. 

Choosing a Linen Top Layer for Bedding

Pale Blue Linen Ruffle Hem Bolster Pillow on Bed

When it comes to the outer layers of your bedding, there are two main linen options. A linen quilt or coverlet is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a little added texture or prefer a heavier weight as you slumber. If you’re after a little extra fluff in your setup, invest in a linen duvet cover—just put one or two duvet inserts inside, and voila! When you want an extra layer, you can even try both at once. 

Add Your Style with Linen Bedskirts and Pillows

After creating the basic linen bedding set, you can add any extra elements to make it as cozy and stylish as possible. Putting a bed skirt around the perimeter of your bed extends the linen look all the way to the floor—perfect for hiding any unseemly storage containers. Different pillows, like cylindrical blue bolsters or extra-large cushions, add dimension and layers to your already comfortable bed. 

How Often Should You Clean Linen Bedding?

Linen bedding should be washed once a week for ultimate comfort, cleanliness, and softness. If you’re concerned that caring for linen sheets that often will break down the natural material—don’t be! Linen sheets actually feel softer and look better with every wash. 

Nothing matters more than getting a good night’s rest—and that just isn’t possible with low-quality sheets! Quit wondering why people love linen sheets and experience it for yourself. With endless benefits and different styles, you can sleep like royalty every night with linen bedding

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