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How to Choose the Right Size of Linen Duvet Cover, Sheets, Bed Skirts and Pillowcases

Slip into your perfect, all-linen dream bed and create a restful space with 100% linen bedding. Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It is a place of rest and comfort, and your bed should be the place you look forward to climbing into at the end of the day. Bring your perfect dreamscape to life with linen bedding in the perfect sizes to bring that cozy aesthetic to your space.

Why Do I Need Linen Bedding?

To create a comfortable bed, pure linen sheets are becoming an even more popular choice in 2023. Linen bedding is the top choice of many households for its aesthetic beauty, natural breathability, durability, and softness, making it a great choice for a beautiful bedroom and a good night’s sleep.

Linen Bedding on Bed in Bedroom

How-To Guide to Choosing the Right Linen Bedding

However, choosing the right linen bedding sets can be intimidating, especially if you are new to linen fabric and have to sort through the many options available in the market. Don’t fret; in this guide, we help you create your perfect all-linen dream bed, giving you tips on how to choose the right duvet cover, mattress size considerations, fitted sheets vs. flat sheets, and more!

For high-quality linen bedding, visit Linenforce today and explore our collection of the best linen sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and more for your home.

6 Steps to Creating Your Dream Bed with Linen Bedding

  1. Mattress size
  2. Linen sheets
  3. Linen duvet cover
  4. Linen pillowcases and shams
  5. Linen bedskirt
  6. Linen bedspread

1. Determine Your Mattress Size

Measuring your mattress is an important first step when buying linen bedding. This is the foundation that will determine the sizes of everything you buy, from the linen sheets to the bedskirt. 

By ensuring you have the correct measurements, you can purchase linen sheets that fit your mattress snugly and don’t slip off, providing you with a comfortable night's sleep. 

Standard Mattress Sizes:

King – 76”x80”
Queen – 60”x80”
Full – 54”x75”
Twin – 39”x75” 

How to Measure Your Mattress

If you aren’t sure what size mattress you have, you can get an accurate measurement by removing any bedding and using a tape measure to note the width, length, and height of your mattress. Note that height is not standard and can vary by mattress, so you may want to take it into consideration even if you know what mattress size you have (and if you use a mattress topper, include that in your height).

When considering the linen sheets size to buy, you can also simply follow the below calculations.

Flat Sheet width=mattress width + 2 times the height + tuck-in 2 to 3 inches.
Flat Sheet length=mattress length + 1 time of the height + tuck-in 2 to 3 inches.
Fitted sheet width = mattress width
Fitted sheet length= mattress length
Fitted sheet depth(pocket size)=mattress height + 2 to 3 inches 

Linenforce offers custom-sized linen sheet sets to fit any mattress you may have in your home.

2. Choosing Your Linen Sheet Configuration

When it comes to selecting the right linen sheets, whether fitted or flat or both, it all comes down to your personal preferences and sleeping habits. You may even take into consideration the climate where you live and your preferred aesthetic. And don’t forget to factor in the size you’ll need – sheets that are too big tend to slip around, and sheets that are too small are known to pop off the edges.

Fitted Sheet vs. Flat Sheet (vs. Both)

Choose a fitted sheet when you have a thicker or specialized mattress and if you move around a lot during your sleep. Choose a flat sheet if you live in warmer climates and if you prefer a more tucked-in, hotel-like look for their bedding. You can also go the traditional route and layer your bedding with a fitted sheet around your mattress and a flat sheet on top to layer underneath your duvet for extra snug comfort. 

French Blue 100% Linen Flat Sheet

Ultimately, both types of 100% linen sheets can offer comfort and functionality, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Our French Blue Linen Flat Sheets are a home classic and an all-time customer favorite.

Linen Sheets Sizing Guide

Flat Sheet width = mattress width + 2 times the height + tuck-in 2 to 3 inches.
Flat Sheet length = mattress length + 1 time of the height + tuck-in 2 to 3 inches.
Fitted sheet width = mattress width
Fitted sheet length = mattress length
Fitted sheet depth (pocket size) = mattress height + 2 to 3 inches

3. Selecting Your Linen Duvet Cover

When it comes to choosing the right linen duvet cover for your bed, make sure you know the size of your duvet insert and choose a cover that matches. Check the dimensions of your duvet insert—you can use a measuring tape—and compare it to the duvet covers you wish to purchase.

And when purchasing your insert, make sure it corresponds to your bed size – if you are looking for a streamlined fit that just barely overhangs, get the one that matches your mattress size. If want a fuller look with a linen duvet cover that reaches farther down the sides, choose an insert and cover in the next bed size up. 

For a perfect fit that’s just wider than your bed, you can follow this duvet cover size guide:

Duvet width = mattress width + 2 times the height
Duvet length = mattress length + 1 time the height

Make sure the sizes and measurements match to ensure a good fit. You can either match the insert size exactly for a snug fit or 1 or 2 inches less on linen duvet covers for a fluffier and cloud-like look.

If you can’t find the size of linen duvet covers that you desire, you can always request a custom-size pure linen duvet cover from Linenforce. Explore our wide selection of 100% linen duvet covers that come in various colors and styles.

4. Picking the Perfect Linen Pillowcases

Linen pillowcases are becoming such a popular choice for many sleepers these days because of their many great natural properties that can be a comfort for those with sensitive skin and allergies. Pure linen pillowcases are loved because they get softer with every wash and use; they are breathable, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking in the summer. When choosing the perfect linen pillowcases, however, it is also important to consider sizing.

For example, a twin-sized bed typically requires standard-sized pillows and pillowcases, while larger beds, such as queen- or king-sized beds, will require bigger pillowcases that are either queen or king-sized. We also have European-size linen shams, which are square-shaped and have equal measurements on both sides. These are a lovely option for your decorative throw pillows. 

Brown Linen Quilted Sham

Linen Pillowcases Measurements:

Pillowcases Size

Dimensions in Inch

Dimensions in CM

USA Standard

W.20" x L.26"

W.51 x L.66cm

USA Super Standard

W.20" X L.28"

W.51 x L.71cm

USA Queen

W.20" x L.30"

W.51 x L.76cm

USA King

W.20" x L.36"

W.51 x L.91.50cm

EURO Square

W.26" x L.26"

W.66 x L.66cm


W.20" x L.54"

W.51 x L.137cm


W.13" x L.19"

W.33 x L.48cm

Linen Pillowcases Come in Different Colors and Styles 

Additionally, you may also want to consider the style of pillowcases and shams you might like. Linenforce houses a wide selection of linen pillowcase styles to choose from. Our Brown Linen Quilted Shams come in a soothing color and in a style that can match any bedroom aesthetic.

5. Selecting Your Linen Bedskirt

For an extra touch that makes a bold difference, linen bedskirts dress up your bed like nothing else. When choosing a linen bedskirt, it's important to take into consideration the size of your bed and bed frame. You want to make sure that the linen bedskirt you buy for your bedroom fits properly. So, measure your bed frame's length, width, and height before purchasing.

How to Find the Right Drop Length for Your Linen Bedskirt

The drop of the bedskirt is how long it is between the top of your bedframe and where it touches the floor. Linenforce offers bedskirt drop sizes from 10” to 24”. For higher bed frames or if you want a more dramatic, flowy look, go for a longer length for a dripped-over, luxurious effect.

Bedskirt Style Guide 

Next, you should consider the style of your bedskirt. We offer five styles to match any look you’re going for.

Our 5 Favorite Linen Bedskirt Styles:
  • Corner-Split bedskirt
  • Side Pleated bedskirt
  • Gathered Dust Ruffle
  • Ruffled Hem bedskirt

For a minimal look, go for a simple slitted corner bedskirt. For something grand and classic, go for ruffled border bedskirts. Our Ivory Side Pleated Linen Bedskirts perfectly tie together the entire look of your bed.

Ivory Knotted Linen Bedskirt

6. How to Choose the Right Linen Bedspread 

To complete the look of your pure linen bed set, you might consider a linen bedspread. Linen bedspreads are usually more lightweight than a duvet, and they are both a decorative and functional element that keep you feeling snug and make your bed look more luxurious. Either top your linen bedding with a bedspread or fold it over the foot of your bed for a touch of texture or color. 

How to Get the Right Size Linen Bedspread

The right linen bedspread for your bed comes down to size. You must first measure the width and length of your mattress and then decide how much coverage you want on the sides and foot of the bed.

Typical coverage and drop length of linen bedspreads are 15-18 inches, but you may prefer more or less depending on the look you want to achieve. A good rule of thumb is to add 10-12 inches to the length and 20-24 inches to the width of your mattress measurements to get a nice drape. Keep in mind that if you have a queen-sized bed, you might want to opt for a larger king-sized bedspread for a full look. With these factors in mind, you can confidently choose the right size 100% linen bedspread for your bed. 

Choosing the right 100% linen bedding for your bedroom doesn't have to be overwhelming. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish night's sleep in your beautiful 100% linen bedding.

Linenforce also offers complete sets of pure linen bedding from our Build Your Set page, making it simple and easy for you to build your 100% linen dream bed sets.

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