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7 Simple Steps to Making Your Bed Like a Pro

How many of us grew up being told we had to make the bed every morning before school? As the years went on, this simple routine felt like a massive chore. But in adulthood, this can change. From learning the art of executing a crisp hospital corner to fluffing up a luxurious duvet cover, making your bed is more than a necessity—it’s art.  

When it comes to incorporating this healthy habit into your day-to-day life, what are the benefits? And how, exactly, do you make the bed? Everyone deserves to improve their sleep, and with our seven easy-to-follow steps and high-quality sheet sets and duvet covers, you’ll be on your way to a cozy, stylishly made bed in no time. 

The Importance of Making Your Bed

Aqua Green and White Two Tone Linen Pillowcases Pair on Bed

Around 70% of Americans make their bed every morning, and whether they know it or not, this practice has endless benefits. Something as seemingly simple as resetting your sheet set, duvet cover, and pillowcase after a night of tossing and turning can actually boost your mood and productivity throughout the day. The easy accomplishment of making your bed signals to your brain that your day is starting, halting the urge to crawl back under the covers.

A well-made bed greatly impacts your sleep health and personal hygiene. Creating an organized and calm sleeping environment reduces pre-bedtime stress, encouraging complete relaxation as you drift to sleep. Pulling a duvet cover snug over your sheet set prevents dust, pet fur, and dander from accumulating during the day, making it an essential practice for allergy sufferers. 

As your bed is the main attention grabber in your bedroom décor, your bedding makes all the difference in the look and feel of your space. Taking the time to choose your style of linen bedding is about more than aesthetics—it sets the tone of your home. You don’t have to be a neat freak to add this practice into your daily routine, but your home will benefit from the look of a set duvet cover and sheet set every day. 

Invest in Linen Bedding 

Sustainable, soft, and oh-so-timeless, linen is a beloved bedding material for countless reasons. When you look forward to snuggling under the covers at night, you’re more likely to make the bed every day. Finding a sheet set or duvet cover that you love the look and feel of is key to creating beautiful home decor. People around the globe prefer the elegance and comfort linen bedding has to offer—and you will, too. 

Types of Linen Bedding

  • Sheet sets
  • Duvet covers
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillows
  • Bedskirts
  • Bedspreads
  • Quilts

7 Steps for Properly Making Your Bed 

Violet Linen Sheets Set and Pillowcases on Bed

Making the bed can seem like a no-brainer to some, but whether you’re a novice or a linen sheet set expert, an official order and an eye for design can help you create beautiful bedding. After a little help choosing linen bedding, you can use these seven steps as a guide and transform your bedroom into an organized, elegant sanctuary. 

Step 1: The Bedskirt

Some may think the flowing ruffles of a bedskirt are an extra step, but if you love the sweeping look of this linen bedding piece, it should be your first layer! Before you add any sheet sets or duvet covers, simply drape the bedskirt or dust ruffle over your box spring or frame below the mattress. These flowing linens are perfect for covering up unseemly storage boxes, shoes, or box springs you have hidden under your bed and adding undeniable sophistication to your space by draping fabric all the way to the ground. 

Step 2: The Mattress

The mattress is the foundation for your sleep, and investing in any added protective or comfort layers should always be prioritized. A mattress protector may look like a fitted sheet, but it’s actually the layer that wraps around your mattress to prevent any moisture or dirt from staining your mattress. Something as simple as a mattress topper affects the feel of your bed, transforming the way you rest. Add these mattress additives before you prepare your new violet linen sheet sets and duvet cover

Step 3: Fitted Sheets

The fitted sheet is more than that impossible-to-fold sheet set piece in your linen closet—it’s essential to making the bed. Every linen bedding set needs a fitted sheet as the base layer, as it keeps you and the mattress separate and offers unlimited coziness throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a tangled sheet set mess, and fitted sheets are typically made with four corners to ensure a snug fit around your mattress, with no extra material that shifts throughout the night. 

Simply lay it on the top of the mattress in the correct orientation, with four corners spread out. Pull the first corner (we recommend the one that’s most difficult to reach) over the mattress, checking that the sheet set is oriented correctly. Work clockwise and repeat with each corner, pulling the last tuck tight to keep it secure. 

Step 4: Flat Sheet

Green Olive Linen Flat Sheet

Flat sheets have long been a topic of debate, but if you’re looking for that put-together, professional look, they are a must! Not only do they work as a layer between your body and the duvet cover, but they offer endless style and design possibilities. Between choosing a complementary color to the rest of your sheet set or investing in a playful accent piece, the linen sheet adds to the overall décor of your linen bedding

Set out your top flat sheet so all four corners are properly aligned to the mattress and fitted sheet below it. If you’ve chosen the right linen bedding size, there will be enough material on the sides and end to tuck in. Start folding the bottom underneath the mattress, leaving the side flaps out. From there, you can either loosely tuck the sides in, let them fall to the floor, or attempt traditional hospital corners. 

How to Do Hospital Corners

Whether you grew up watching your grandmother insist on a tight sheet set tuck or have always been curious, learning how to do hospital corners is the key to a beautifully made bed. After tucking in the sheet at the foot of the bed, lift the material at one bottom corner at a 45-degree angle to create a triangle shape. Set this piece on the bed and tuck the remaining material under the mattress. Let the top triangle down and tuck it in to finish your corner. Repeat with the other corners, smooth out any wrinkles, and voila—your sheet set is complete. 

Step 5: Top Bedding Layer

After adding the sheet set, the next logical step is the fluffy final layer! When deciding the best top layer for your linen bedding, consider your aesthetic and desired comfort. Are you looking for a classic white linen duvet cover? Or something with added texture, like a plush natural linen quilt? The top bedding piece can elevate how plush your bed feels as well as the overall look of the room.  

Natural Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread
Quilted bedspreads are a traditional choice for anyone who runs hot when they sleep and wants something that’s both insulating and thin. Since linen is naturally temperature-regulating and breathable, a linen quilt can be the perfect choice for a top layer to complete your sheet set. A quilt could be the perfect coverlet if you’re interested in a classic textured look and don’t want to sacrifice comfort within your linen bedding

Duvet covers offer endless style possibilities and comfort customizations, making them the ideal top bedding piece for people worldwide. A duvet cover is a simple piece of fabric that slips over an insert, protecting it from daily use and helping you feel comfortable and cozy all night. They’re also easier to clean than bulky comforters. 

While one duvet cover insert is the norm, you can double or triple up to create a fluffy and plush bed to suit your needs. Create a collection of duvet covers in different colors and designs and update the look of your linen bedding with ease whenever inspiration strikes.

What’s the Easiest Way to Put On a Duvet Cover?

Before learning this duvet trick, many people sweated and struggled to get their insert back in a duvet cover—but no longer! Simply lay out your duvet cover flat and inside out, set the insert on top, roll the cover, and insert together towards the foot of the bed. Invert the duvet cover around both sides of the bundle, tie or button it closed, and then unroll. If done correctly, once unfurled, the insert will be inside the duvet cover—fluff it up and set it on top of the bed!

Step 6: Pillows and Pillowcases

Indigo Blue Linen Pillowcases with Ruffle Hem

Once your linen bedding is set up, it’s time to add one of the most important parts—your pillows! The type of pillow you sleep on is an incredibly personal choice, but whether you prefer the firm feel of memory foam or plush-down feathers, these should be one of the last steps to making the bed in the morning. The size, shape, and style of pillows you choose are great for changing up the overall appearance of your linen bedding and make your bed look comfortable and inviting. Once you set them at the head of your bed, give them a little fluff, and you’re all set.

Pillows offer unlimited customization, with countless opportunities to add unique throw pillows, color choices, and design styles, from sleek indigo blue ruffle pillowcases to spa-like two-toned aqua and white pillowcases. Two pillows will do if you sleep in a twin or twin XL. If you sleep in a full-size bed or larger, four pillows (two on one side and two on the other) are the standard setup. European or cushion pillows, known for their oversized and square look, add depth when finishing your sheet set and duvet setup.

Popular Pillow Setup Styles:

When you’re making the bed, take your linen bedding one step further and elevate your design with the way you set your pillows:

  • The Single Stack: Set one pillow vertically on top of the other to create two layers.
  • The Angled Stack: Set the first pillow down, leaning the second pillow or accent pillow against the first
  • The Double Layer: Set both layers of pillows upright (can use either a larger European-style pillow as the back layer or stick to two standards)
  • Decorated Double Layer: Set the two rows of pillows upright, adding a decorative pillow to the center.
  • Ultimate Decorated Layers: set four standard pillows in the back, with two European pillows, two decorative pillows, and at least one accent pillow. 

Step 7: Throw Blankets 

Ivory Linen Duvet Cover With Bow Ties

While you could stop at step six, making the bed wouldn’t feel complete without the personal touches—and that’s where throw blankets come into play! Once your linen bedding is set, you can add different textures, materials, and colors to your setup with a vibrant and cozy throw blanket. Whether you can’t sleep without your weighted blanket or have seasonal linens to decorate your room for the holiday, a throw blanket can be set casually on top of the linen bedding to add a special touch and keep you even warmer during the night. 

3 Ways to Put Arrange Your Throw Blanket

  1. Fold your blanket in half or thirds and set it at the foot of the bed. 
  2. Drape your throw blanket on the corner, unfolded for a lived-in look.
  3. Fold your blanket into a triangle and set it on the bottom corner, with the tip towards the floor, creating a multi-layered triangle look.

Designing Your Bedding

When you invest in stylish and comfortable high-quality linen sheet sets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and more, you’ll look forward to peeling back your freshly made bed and snuggling in for a wonderful night’s rest. Take the time to design a linen bedding set you love from top to bottom, and reset it before you start your day. Make sure you understand the bedding size and choose colors that complement the rest of your room décor for linen bedding you’ll love for years to come. 

Learning to make the bed doesn’t have to be difficult! With seven easy steps and finding luxurious linen bedding, you can easily incorporate this healthy habit into your morning routine. Learn the proper care for linen bedding, choose your beautiful linen sheet set, and change how you sleep—for good. 

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