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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Pillowcases

A good night’s rest is the ultimate way to start your day off right, and nothing should ruin that. Set yourself up for serene success with soft, comfortable linen bedding you can’t wait to snuggle up in at the end of the day. Start by switching your humdrum old pillowcases out for comfy and stylish linen pillowcases.  

But how do you know which ones to choose? Learn the reasons we need pillowcases, discover our various designs, and figure out the perfect linen pillowcase for you with our complete guide to choosing the best pillowcase for your best night of sleep yet.

Pillowcases are Sleep Essentials

Matcha Linen Bow Ties Pillowcases

Whether you’re counting sheep for a deep slumber or taking a quick power nap to recharge, you need to have one essential linen bedding piece set and ready to go. A pillowcase is more than a decorative item at the top of your bed—it can make or break the look and feel of your room as well as your sleep quality, skin and hair health, and more. You deserve to rest in style, and finding a pillowcase you love is the key to making that happen.

What’s the Best Pillowcase Material?

Durable, breathable, and timelessly stylish, linen is one of the best pillowcase materials on the market. And, unlike cotton alternatives that begin to break down after a certain number of washes, linen only gets softer over time. Wash your pillowcases worry-free and enjoy your beauty rest with high-quality linen pillowcases.

Why We Love Linen Bedding:

  • Versatile style
  • Sustainably made
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made to last

5 Reasons to Use Linen Pillowcases

Pillowcases can transform how your room looks and how you sleep for good. Discover five reasons to invest in beautiful, high-quality pillowcases and see for yourself:

1. Easier to Wash than the Pillow

A pillowcase acts as a barrier between our heads and the pillow itself, meaning that your pillow doesn’t need to be washed nearly as often if you’re covering it with a pillowcase. You just strip off the case and wash it with your sheets or as needed. The best pillowcase designs are easy to slip on and off whenever necessary, so this menial chore feels like a breeze. 

2. Keep Our Faces and Hair Clear

Violet Linen Ruffle Hem Pillowcases

With a soft-to-the-touch feel and pH-neutral properties, linen pillowcases help prevent acne and hair frizz. The gentle, naturally wrinkled texture reduces friction while you sleep, keeping your hair silky even during the worst tossing and turning. If you have reoccurring blemishes, the hypoallergenic and pH-balanced material provides a clean surface, potentially increasing your skin health. 

3. Protect Our Pillow from Dust Mites and Sweat

Dust mites and allergens surround us, but that doesn’t mean we should suffer. Prevent allergic reactions and keep your sacred bedroom clean by slipping protective covers onto all your pillows. Linen is naturally antimicrobial, giving you extra protection and serenity.   

4. Finish the Look

No linen bedding set is complete without pillowcases! Whether you prefer layer upon layer of linen duvet covers and throw blankets or sleep with minimal sheets, every bed in your home needs pillows. Use linen pillowcases to dress up your bed with fun patterns and complementary colors, whether you’re outfitting the guest bedroom or revamping your kid's room. 

5. Make Décor Changes Easy

Pillowcases are also the easiest layer of linen bedding to switch out! The simple act of choosing new linen pillowcase colors can transform your bed in an instant. Keep a stack of different colors and designs in your linen closet and refresh your style to welcome new seasons, decorate for the holidays, or whenever inspiration strikes.

Types of Bed Pillows

Consider finding made-to-measure pillowcases for unique sizes and shapes for a cohesive style and comfortable feel.

As you build your dream linen bedding set, consider which of these you’ll have set up and find the perfect pillowcase to complete the look:

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King
  • Body pillow
  • Travel pillow
  • Accent pillow
  • Bolster

What to Consider When Shopping for Pillowcases

Tangelo Orange Linen Housewife Pillowcases

After discovering why we benefit from pillowcases, you’re likely inspired to buy a new set. As you start your shopping, remember to consider these three elements to find the perfect linen bedding for your bedrooms:

1. Price Point

There’s no need to break the bank to sleep in your ideal linen bedding set—but cheaper rarely means better. As you start your shopping journey, set your budget ahead of time so you have a realistic idea of what you’re willing to spend for a quality night’s sleep. With pillowcases found at all price points, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Linen pillowcases can be more expensive compared to others, but it’s worth the extra spending. With sustainably grown and woven flax fibers, each durable set is made to last, beating alternative materials by a long shot. 

2. Style of Pillowcases

When choosing a pillowcase, consider what style you’re going for. Every detail, from the embroidery to the color, can make or break the look. Look at your other linen bedding to determine what design would pair best, whether you’re matching for a minimalist look or mixing styles for a bohemian aesthetic. 

Linen offers eternal elegance, no matter your personal style. With a natural, crinkled texture (that only gets better with age) and a wide range of whimsical embellishments, there’s a suitable design for any décor style. 

Linen Bedding Is Ideal for These Aesthetics:

  • Maximalist bohemian
  • Contemporary modern
  • Minimalist
  • Traditional rustic
  • Fairycore

3. Color

Ivory Linen Oxford Hem Pillowcases

When it comes to selecting a color for your pillowcases, there are a few questions to ask. Do you want to match the rest of your linen bedding? Would you prefer a fun accent color that ties into a different piece in your room? What color makes you feel at home in your bedroom? Find the answers and unlock your inner designer.

Don’t feel limited by the natural tan linen color. While the neutral beiges and whites found in raw linen have their time and place, it’s an easily dyeable fabric, so there’s a rainbow assortment of linen pillowcases for you to choose from. Play around with different color palette combinations to find one that resonates with you and your aesthetic.

Discover Our Stylish Linen Pillowcase Designs

Making the bed with luxurious linen bedding is incomplete without pillowcases. Explore the decorative details of our nine designs:

Basic Pillowcase

Also known as the Basic Envelope Pillowcase, our standard design is simple and minimalistic. With one opening on the side and a panel of fabric to keep your pillow in place, the basic linen pillowcase works with any bedding set. Dress them up or down—if you’re searching for no-frills linen bedding that never goes out of style, these are for you.

Bow Ties Pillowcase

A step up from the basic silhouette, the Bow Tie Pillowcases have a subtle flair. The open side that you slip the pillow in is tied shut with the handcrafted, oversized linen bow-tie detailing. Each pretty bow drapes down, creating a soft, coquette aesthetic fit for your feminine dream room.

Ruffle Hem Pillowcase

If you’re searching for the perfect romantic linen bedding, the Ruffle Hem Pillowcases are for you. With a gentle ruffle detail boarding all four sides of the pillow and a tuck-in European-style closure, every night’s sleep is elegant and dreamy. Feature ruffles throughout the bedding with a matching duvet cover and dust ruffle or let them speak for themselves as the statement accessory. 

Side Ruffle Pillowcase

Light Blue Linen Side Ruffles Pillowcases

Designed to bring a pop of texture to your bed, the Side Ruffle Pillowcases are an instant classic. With three flat sides and an exaggerated, long ruffle on one of the ends, this design is perfect for adding subtle texture and charm to your bed. Let the long ruffle hang down so you can enjoy the sight of this sweet detail 24/7.

Oxford Hem Pillowcase

With impeccable stitching and a simple yet stylish hem, the Oxford Hem Pillowcases are a prime example of the power of small details. The Oxford style features a 2-inch-long flanged rim on all four sides, protecting the pillow within with a sleek, versatile style that brings a high-end feel to your space. 

Edge Embroidered Pillowcase

For a playful, colorful touch, look at the Edge Embroidered Pillowcases. With an all-white body and an envelope-style silhouette, the bright embroidery detail outlines the linen pillowcase for a chic pop of color. Choose from a wide variety of stitching colors to add that perfect accent hue to your linen bedding.  

Two Tones Pillowcase

Our Two Tones Pillowcases provide you with two décor options in one. With a calm and clean white on one side and a color of your choosing on the other, you can flip back and forth to switch up your linen bedding style on the daily. Slide your pillow into that standard open side and enjoy the everchanging sight of the two-toned design.

Quilted Shams Pillowcase

Sham pillows can be used to add comfortable layers to linen bedding, so it’s only right we designed high-quality Quilted Sham Pillowcases in linen to go along with them. Slightly thicker in material, these pillowcases feature a quilted texture on the front with four fitted sides. These comfortable and versatile designs can be added to any bed that needs a little something special.

Bolster Cases

Mustard Buttoned Linen Bolster Pillow

Bolsters are not your typical pillow. Unlike a normal pillow, bolsters are for aesthetic decoration and extra back support. With a cylindrical shape, this decorative pillow deserves high-quality linen pillowcases as well! We offer Bolster Pillowcases with different embellishments to suit any style, such as ruffle hems, bow ties, and basic button clasps. 

FAQ on Linen Pillowcases:

If you have questions about elegant linen bedding, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve put our expertise to the test to answer all the frequently asked questions on linen pillowcases as you create the bedding set of your dreams.

Q: How Often Should You Wash Linen Pillowcases?

A: Properly caring for your linen bedding is the key to elongating its lifespan. It’s recommended that you wash linen pillowcases frequently, around once a week, to keep your bed fresh and clean. On laundry day, strip your linen pillowcases off their prospective pillows and wash them in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Hang them out to dry (or toss them in the dryer at a low temperature), and they’re good as new!

Q: What’s the Difference Between a Pillowcase and a Sham?

A: While similar to a standard pillowcase, a sham typically has a more embellished or textured front. Some people sleep directly on shams, but they are meant to be used as a decorative layer behind or in front of your standard pillows. 

Q: How Do I Measure for Pillowcases?

A: Sizing for linen bedding is a common conundrum. In general, a linen pillowcase should be one or two inches wider and longer than the pillow it is covering. Many designs have even longer, extra fabric at the insertion end for decoration, but in order to get a good fit, you should only measure the section your pillow will sit in.

Start by measuring the width and length of your pillow. Most pillow measurements fall into the standard, queen, and king sizes (in order of smallest to largest), making finding the right pillowcase size simple. 

Q: How Many Pillowcase Sets Should You Own?

Brilliant Blue Edge Embroidered White Linen Pillowcase Pair

A: We recommend owning 2-3 sets of pillowcases for each bed. That way, when laundry day rolls around, you won’t have to wait for your linen bedding to be dry. Just make the bed with your second set of sheets and pillowcases and store the freshly cleaned set in your closet. 

Q: Can You Iron Linen Bedding?

A: While most people set the bed with linen because they enjoy the natural, rustic wrinkle, that isn’t always the case. If you desire clean lines and a flat surface, you can steam iron linen bedding. Read any specific instructions for your product to make sure it’s compliant. If it is, dampen the material using a spray bottle and stretch the fabric as you go.

Everyone deserves to sleep in a bed they love—and linen bedding makes that easy. After learning about the benefits of using pillowcases, a few considerations to follow as you shop, and our timeless styles, you can find the best linen pillowcase for your home!

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