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How to Create the Linen Bedding Set of Your Dreams

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than waking up on the right side of the bed in the morning. With your mind rested and your body recharged, that great night’s rest is the key to getting through the day ahead. But, with so many uncontrollable factors affecting our sleep, it can be difficult to set yourself up for success. Luckily, stylish and luxurious linen bedding can be the answer. 

If you’ve ever searched for a new set of sheets and duvets, you’ve likely been met with an overwhelming, confusing number of options. Let us simplify this issue for you—linen is the way to go. But why is that? And how do you go about choosing which linen sheets to buy? To find the best linens for you and your sleep cycle, follow our helpful guide to learn how to create your dream linen bedding.

Luxurious Bedding Helps You Sleep Tight

Did you know that about one-third of our lives is spent in bed? And if that’s the case, why shouldn’t you focus on making your bed the best and most comfortable it can be? You deserve to invest in bedding that makes you feel (and sleep) like royalty. When you choose colorful linens in a style you love, you can finally feel at peace in your bedroom and improve your sleep for good. 

There’s nothing worse than lying awake at night, too distracted by scratchy or uncomfortable sheets to continue counting sheep in your head. It seems almost too easy, but something as simple as upgrading your bedsheets can make a world of difference to your sleep quality, body pain, mental health, and full body and mind rest. When you look for a bed sheet set you love, it’s more than making a bold design choice—well-made sheets can transform the way you live. 

Why the World Loves Linen Bedding

Optic White Linen Flat Sheet on Bed

Linen has been the preferred material for countless vital items in day-to-day life for centuries, from bandages to bedding. But why? Perhaps it’s because linen is one of the most sustainable materials around. 

Compared to cotton and other alternative materials, flax plants need less water to grow, making it the greenest choice for the earth. Each fiber is tough and durable, lending linen bedding a natural resistance to pilling and stretching. Soft and designed to last for years, linen sheets are the most eco-friendly bedding option. 

Linen sheets also offer timeless elegance and grace to any room. The bed is the main décor feature in the bedroom, and it deserves to be dressed in stylish sheets that feel like you. Whether you prefer a carefully made, minimalist, clean white linen sheet or sleeping in on the weekends wrapped in the natural, lived-in crinkles that make linen sheets so appealing, the luxurious look of the textile never goes out of style.

Style and environmental reasons aside, linen offers countless health benefits while you sleep. Gone are the days of tossing and turning with terrible insomnia—with the naturally moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and dirt-repelling properties linen has to offer, you can sleep soundly during any season of the year.  

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Build Your Bedding from Top to Bottom

Whether you’re using our build your bed set page or selecting each layer by hand, it’s helpful to learn about the benefits and style uses for each linen sheet option: 

Step 1: Linen Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are the bottom-most layer of a bedding set, fitting snuggly around the mattress to give you a comfortable foundation during the night. It should fit tight enough to remain in place throughout the night, whether you turn for hours or sleep soundly. They are also designed to protect the mattress from wear and tear, offering a secure fit and a smooth-to-the-touch feel. 

Step 2: Linen Top Sheets

French Blue Linen Flat Sheet on Bed

Top sheets are the thinnest, often oversized, layer you sleep directly under in a bedding set, resting between you and a heavier blanket. When you buy a sheet set, the fitted and top sheets are made from the same material, helping you feel cozy. Their main purpose is to protect the duvet cover from our bodies, keeping the top blanket cleaner for longer. With a tight-cornered tuck, your top sheet can help you sleep snug as a bug in a rug.

Step 3: Linen Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are the protective layer that slips over and is secured on a duvet inset, often acting as the outermost layer of a linen bedding set. The double layer of a plush insert and a soft cover offer unbeatable comfort and a sophisticated feel as you sleep. Where handmade quilts and large comforters can be quite difficult to clean, duvet covers are easy to detach and wash with the rest of your linen bedding

Step 4: Linen Pillowcases

The pillow you use affects the way you sleep, and whether you prefer one filled with plush feathers or solid memory foam, the pillowcase is an important decision. Pillowcases are a decorative removable cloth layer that protects your pillow. If you want to prevent hair damage or have acne concerns, washing your pillowcase often should be common practice. Linen pillowcases and shams offer breathability and get softer with every wash, making them the preferred material for long-lasting bedding. 

The 8 Types of Linenforce Pillowcases

  1. Two-tone pillowcases—one side is colorful, and the other is white, offering a versatile style 
  2. Embroidered edge—features a thin line of colored embroidery stitching on the perimeter of the case
  3. Ruffle—designed with a bold border of elegant frills and ruffles to add dimension to any linen bedding
  4. Basic envelope—this style has a simple, plain edge designed to keep a pillow snug and in place
  5. Quilted shams—made slightly thicker, with subtle quilted stitching
  6. Oxford hem—feature a wide stitched hem to create a larger outer border
  7. Bow tie—with three oversized bows tying the pillow into the case
  8. Side ruffle—features three fitted sides, with large, flowing ruffles on one end of the case

Step 5: Linen Bolsters and Cushions

French Blue Linen Ruffle Bolster

No bed is truly complete without the fun and unique accent pieces—and that’s where bolsters and cushions come in. Oversized cushions add an extra layer of pillows to your bedding setup, offering extra back support and an elevated style. Bolsters are thin and cylindrical, with different ruffle features, perfect for holding or placing in between the knees to settle into your ideal sleeping position. Give your linen bedding those fun and charming additions to make your bed your own.  

Step 6: Linen Bedskirts and Dust Ruffles

If you thought your linen bedding was complete, think again! While not functionally necessary, bed skirts and dust ruffles help you elevate your everyday bedroom into one that looks like it’s out of a magazine. The bold textures and beautiful colors of a bedskirt elongate the linen look of your bed, bringing the material down to meet the floor. Use these simple additions to hide under-bed storage to keep your room stylish and luxurious, from grey pleated bedskirts to French blue gathered dust ruffles

Linenforce Bedskirt Styles

  • Corner split bedskirt
  • Side pleated bedskirt
  • Gathered dust ruffle
  • Ruffle hem bedskirt

Step 7: Linen Bedspread and Coverlets

Linen bedspreads and coverlets are the perfect top piece to go over your linen sheets and duvet whenever you need an extra layer. Add one to your linen bedding to stay cozy during the cold winter nights, or use one on its own during the hottest summer days. Whether doubling the inserts in a duvet cover or looking for an easily removable top blanket, you can use these lightweight coverlets and box stitch quilt bedspreads to stay cool without sacrificing the aesthetic in your bedroom. 

Questions to Answer Before Buying Linen Bedding

When choosing your linen bedding, it’s important to ask yourself these six questions:

Do I Want Individual Linen Sheets or A Complete Set?

Alloy Gray Linen Side Pleated Bedskirt With Knots

As you start your search, ask yourself if you’d rather incorporate one or two new linen sheets into your existing bedding or invest in an entirely new bedding set. Many items come in sets, like a sheet set that includes a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and a couple of pillowcases. From there, you can add a duvet cover and fun extras and have a beautiful linen bedding set in a few clicks. But, if you’re not quite ready to revamp your entire bedding, adding one or two new linen sheets can still aid your sleep health and make a difference in your bedroom décor. 

What Linen Bedding Style Do I Want?

With a variety of linen bedding designs to choose from, you can always find a set that matches your personal style. Experiment with different ruffled edges or clean lines, play with texture and pops of color, and decide whether or not you’d add an elegant bedskirt—the choice is yours! For guidance, use our helpful suggestions to match our linens to your unique look: 

  • Bohemian: effortless, down-to-earth, and oh-so groovy, experiment with the ruffled linen bedding to give movement and style to your set. 
  • Minimalist: clean-cut and crisp, stick to plain linen sheets that offer a simple, minimalist look in any room. 
  • Contemporary: modern and new, something with subtle detail, like the embordered edge, offers you room to play around and personalize your linen bedding.
  • Timeless: linen never goes out of style, especially not when you have a two-toned linen bedding set, offering versatile style options whenever you’re looking for a change. 
  • Bold: play with colors and mix and match any and all designs to customize a linen bedding set that’s entirely yours.

What’s the Right Linen Bedding Color?

French Blue Linen Gathered Dust Ruffle

Whether you make a statement with bold color pairings or choose a subtle, neutral set, the color palette you choose for your linen bedding is one of the most important aesthetic decisions. Between classic natural hues and vibrant blues and pinks, your linen sheets give you the freedom to design bedding that’s completely unique to you, whether you want every layer of your linen sheets to be a different color or to keep it simple with a surprise accent color on the fitted sheet. Take a look at your existing bedroom décor to find the perfect complementary colors for your space, and you will love the way your linen bedding looks both day and night. 

What’s the Right Linen Sheet Size?

There’s nothing worse than receiving your long-awaited linen sheets in the mail and realizing you ordered the wrong size. After determining your ideal style and color, make sure you choose the right bedding sizes for your bed: 

Bedding Measurements for Linen Sheets:

  • Twin: 72” X 102”
  • Twin XL: 72” by 108”
  • Full: 81” x 102” 
  • Full XL: 81” x 108”
  • Queen: 100” by 108”
  • King: 118” x 108”
  • California King: 118” 108”

How Do You Clean and Care for Linen Bedding?

White Linen Box Stitch Quilt Bedspread

Designed to become softer with every wash, linen is durable; however, it’s important to understand the best practices for cleaning and caring for your new linen bedding. Keep your linen sheets soft and wash them frequently (The New York Times recommends once a week) in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. To dry, we recommend going old school and hanging your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack, but if you do use a dryer, set it to a low temperature to tumble dry. With thoughtful care, your linen bedding will last you years! 

Should You Add Blackout Curtains to Your Bedroom?

Although they aren’t technically a part of the linen bedding set, blackout curtains are the finishing touch needed to turn your bedroom into a Zen sanctuary. With their ability to block out light from the outside world, regardless of the time of day, blackout curtains support sleep health by shutting everything out as you drift off to dreamland. Choose matching or complementary hues to your linen sheets to carry out your gorgeous linen theme throughout the bedroom. 

You deserve to fall asleep in a luxurious bed, night after night—and what’s stopping you from doing just that? When you make the switch to linen sheets and bedding, you will see and feel the difference in comfort as well as style. With countless designs and colors to choose from, answer our essential questions as you shop to determine which linen sheets and bedding sets you will help transform your life! 

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