Pale Blue Linen Curtain with Blackout Lining

The Fool-Proof Way to Hang Curtains in 7 Easy Steps

When decorating your home, no room would be complete without a nice set of curtains. The simple addition of elegant linens instantly elevates a space from basic to beautiful. Whether you’re looking for the perfect set of linen curtains to match the linen bedding in your guest bedroom or creating a cohesive look with your dining room table linens, every room in the house can be upgraded with luxurious drapery. 

Investing in linen curtains is one thing, but hanging them up is an all-new challenge! If the thought of screwing in curtain rods and finding the ideal length and width for your linen drapes feels daunting, you’re not alone. With our seven easy, breezy steps, anyone can hang their new linen blackout curtains like a pro!

3 Top Benefits of Curtains

Mustard Linen Curtain With Tie Top

When it comes to curtains and window treatments in general, you may wonder, “What’s the point?” Well, there are many benefits that come to mind. Whether you’re looking to add some style to a space, increase the privacy of your home, or improve your sleep, there’s a drape for that.

1. Update Your Home Décor with Drapes

While finding the perfect home décor can be a process, curtains are one easy way to personalize any window area in your home to suit your unique style. From tying together a color scheme in the bedroom to adding a flowing texture to your living room, drapes offer an easy way to show off your interior design skills. And with countless materials, patterns, and colors to choose from, there’s a perfect curtain for every style. 

2. Ensure Privacy When You Close the Curtains

Creating a private home is a luxury. If you have a window that faces a busy street or rent in a tight-quarters apartment building, curtains offer an added level of privacy and security. When you get dressed in the morning or want to keep nosy neighbors from peering into your living room, shutting the curtains gives you peace of mind. 

3. Sleep Soundly with Blackout Curtains

Looking to improve your sleep? Curtains do wonders in controlling how much light you let into your home. Buy semi-opaque curtains for a timeless, half-sunlight feel in your home all day, or shut out the early morning sun rays and sleep in with thicker, linen blackout curtains. You can even prevent the sun from shining into your TV room for a daytime movie marathon! 

Why is Linen the Best Material for Curtains?

White Linen Curtain with Blue Embroidered Edge

Linen, as opposed to cotton, is a well-loved material for curtains for countless reasons—but why? Not only do they offer unbeatable style and a natural, effortless wrinkle, but linen blackout curtains can transform your day-to-day life at home. 

Linen has a natural ability to regulate temperature, and hanging linen curtains will help you insulate heat during the cold months of winter while also helping to cool down your house in the summer. Linen home goods, like curtains, can save you money on heating and air bills while adding beautiful breathability to any space.

While you may not think it, curtains can be an easy target for child and pet damage. However, linen is strong and resistant to pilling, scratches, and any other mistakes your kiddos may make. It’s also a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material that’s able to wick away moisture and prevent mold, dust mites, or pet dander from building. You and your family deserve to live in your home worry-free, and this is possible with durable and stylish linen curtains.  

Regular Curtains vs. Linen Blackout Curtains

When choosing which linen curtains to hang in your home, the first choice to make is deciding between a classic design and blackout curtains. While the plain curtain never goes out of style, sometimes, you need an extra layer of protection.

Linen blackout curtains have an extra lining layer that blocks out the light from the outdoor world. Whether you work the night shift and need to sleep during the day or can’t slumber with city lights shining into your bedroom, blackout curtains transform how you sleep. Hang a set of linen blackout curtains wherever you’d like to block out sound and light in your house. 

Do You Wash Linen Curtains Before Hanging?

Unlike other materials, linen gets better with every wash! While there’s no need to wash your linen curtains before hanging them, a wash does make the fabric feel softer and add to the rustic, crinkled look. At the very least, for preparation, lay your curtains out before starting the hanging process. 

Necessary Tools for Hanging Linen Curtains:

Pale Blue Linen Curtains With Cotton Lining

When hanging your linen blackout curtains, gather these common household tools and your desired hardware before starting:

  • Curtain rod
  • Brackets
  • Drill (or screwdriver)
  • Drywall anchors (optional)
  • Screws
  • Step ladder
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

7 Simple Steps to Hang Curtains 

Learning how to hang linen blackout curtains is a mundane but necessary household task. After gathering the essential tools, it only takes seven steps to hang your new linen pieces:

Step 1: Take Measurements of Your Window

Before you even order your linen blackout curtains, you must take all the necessary measurements. First, take measurements of both the width and height of your windows. If you would like a larger-than-life style that makes the space feel larger, keep in mind that the curtain rod should be installed at least a few inches higher and wider than the window frame to create the illusion of higher and larger windows, and add those extra inches in accordingly. 

Step 2: Find the Measurements for Your Linen Curtain

To measure for linen curtains that fit your window, you need two measurements. For the width, measure the entire length of the rod and multiply by two to allow enough fabric for that glamorous billowing effect. For the length, measure from the top of your rod placement to the desired length near the floor. With these two measurements, you can browse different curtain styles until you find ones that work for your windows. 

Should Curtains Touch the Floor?

Most of the time, your linen blackout curtains should either sit a centimeter above the floor or just graze it. This general rule of thumb offers a blend of practicality and style, and as long as your curtains cover all the window panels, you can block out any light. If you’re interested in an elegant “puddling” look, plan to add at least 3-4 inches of extra fabric to your length measurement so the fabric can gather on the ground.   

Step 3: Choose Your Curtain Designs

Aqua Green Linen Curtain With Cotton Lining

Using your measurements, you can now select the linen curtains of your dreams. First, consider the benefits of linen blackout curtains compared to a basic style. Depending on the room, you may have a preference between the two.

Color should be the first factor you consider. Do you want to match the blue linen table runner on your kitchen island? Do you want a bold mustard linen curtain to liven up the room? Once you decide on the best hue for your linen drapery, you can choose a design. 

After selecting your curtain type, it’s time to choose the perfect luxurious style! All linen curtains feature the same natural wrinkle, floating appearance, and soft-to-the-touch feel, but there are many options for embellishments, from the header to the extra lining layers. Different styles can affect the atmosphere of a room, such as embroidered edge linen curtains lending a playful pop of texture or aqua-green linen curtains giving a spa-like touch.   

Linenforce Linen Curtain Styles

  • Basic linen
  • Blackout
  • Cotton lined
  • Embroidered edge 

Step 4: Select Curtain Hanging Hardware

After selecting curtains, it’s time to consider your hanging hardware. The hardware includes wall brackets and a rod, which can come in a matching set or separately. For heavier drapery, such as linen blackout curtains, ensure you’re investing in a durable, weight-bearing design.

Just because these pieces aren’t the main visual attraction doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Browse different hanging hardware options for ones that tickle your fancy, whether it’s a simple gold rod or decorative brackets. When you hang your white cotton-lined linen curtains on the hardware you love, your home will feel like your personal masterpiece!

Step 5: Install the Wall Brackets

White Linen Curtains With Cotton Lining

Once you have all your pieces, it’s time to start installing! First, determine the stability of your wall. If it’s made of drywall, you will need to grab plastic drywall anchors to keep your curtain rod and linen blackout curtains secure. But, if a stud is in the wall, continue as is.

Referring to your earlier width and height measurements, use your pencil to mark where the curtain rod will rest on either side of the frame. From there, position your curtain bracket and make a mark for any screw holes. Use your level to determine if the bracket is straight before repeating this step on the other side.

With everything marked, you can grab your screws and drill (or screwdriver). Drill an initial guiding hole in the wall at each pencil marking, adding drywall anchors for additional support if needed. Put your mounting brackets in position and fasten the screws in place until they are securely tightened and flush with the wall. 

How Far Should Curtain Rods Extend Past a Window?

To broaden and elongate the look of your window, your curtain rod should be at least 4-6 inches longer than the window's width on each side and placed 4-6 inches above the window. When installing, ensure you’ve accounted for this in your measurements so the finished product comes out as desired. 

Step 6: Mount Curtains on Rod

After you’ve planned out where your curtain rod will sit and installed the hardware, it’s time to put the curtains on the rod. Remove the rod from the wall and prepare your curtains by laying them out flat. The headings of a rustic red linen curtain can vary from design to design, but they should all slip easily onto any rod. 

Keep your rod balanced to prevent your linen blackout curtains from sliding to the ground. Using your step ladder, climb high enough to set your rod securely onto the wall brackets. Check that everything is even using your level before stepping down.

Linen Curtain Heading Options:

  • Rod Pocket: the header is folded over to create a forward-facing tube for the rod.
  • Back Tab for Rod: the header is folded backwards to create a tube for the rod.
  • Tie Top: features individual loops to tie around the rod.
  • Tab Top: the header has individual flat pieces of fabric that each loop over the rod.
  • Ring Hooks: features spots for rings throughout the header that slide on and off the rod. 

Step 7: Adjust Curtains

Once the curtains are hanging, it’s time to give them a try. Before you walk away from the project, make sure the curtains can be drawn back and ruffled without any issues. If you notice any movement in the brackets or rod, check and tighten the screws. When you’re satisfied with the stability, fluff out your linen blackout curtains for a luxurious look, and voila!   

Made-to-Measure Linen Curtains

Rust Red Linen Curtain With Back Tab

No home is exactly alike, so we offer a made-to-measure linen curtain option. If you have extra-wide windows in your foyer or elongated windows in your dining room, don’t worry! All of our classic and linen blackout curtains styles can be custom-made to whatever measurements you need. Choose a heading style and linen color, then input your measurements—and we’ll take care of the rest.  

Ways to Accessorize Your Linen Curtains

If you’re into the classic, billowing look of linen blackout curtains, you can leave them as is. But, if you want to personalize your space further, you can accessorize with decorative pieces.

Tiebacks are a sophisticated way to add a stylish touch to your window treatment. Find metal ones that match your hanging hardware, or invest in whimsical tiebacks made from cloth, beads, shells, and more! Whenever you want to let a little extra light in, you can draw your linen blackout curtains back and keep them open with drawbacks.

While double-lined curtains and linen blackout curtains come with two layers, adding more than one curtain to a rod is a popular way to add depth to the window. To accomplish this complex style, you have two options. You can nestle the linen curtains together and repeat the installation process with slightly smaller measurements. You could also buy curtain rings or clips to hang the second set of linen curtains from the same rod. 

We love linen, and when it comes to perfecting the look and feel of the home, linen curtains are essential. Think of how many rooms in your house have bare windows! With our seven easy-to-follow steps, you can hang a luxurious set of linen curtains on each one and elevate your space today.   

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