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9 Simple Tips for Choosing the Perfect Linen Bedding Color for Your Room

Whether you’re redecorating your child’s room or choosing bright, durable linens to take to your college dorm, one thing is certain—everyone deserves to feel completely at peace in their bed. But how do you accomplish that? The secret may be simpler than you think; in fact, it can all come down to the color of your bedding!

We’re the first to admit that shopping for colorful linen bedding can come with a million questions. Where do you find inspiration? How do you pair multiple colors together? Take a deep breath—with our nine tips, you can make the right choices to create the bed of your dreams

The Importance of Sleeping in Bedding You Love

Optic White Linen Flat Sheet on Bed

At first glance, your bedding may seem like a mindless choice—but it’s quite the opposite! The sheets, pillowcases, and comforters you choose can transform the way you sleep. Whether you prefer snuggling under layers and layers of blankets or love to sit and read on top of the covers before bed, each layer of your bedding creates the plush comfort you need to get a restful night’s sleep and improve your sleep hygiene

And when it comes to aesthetics, your bed is usually the focal point of the room. Dressing it up in colors and styles you love will pull your room together into a space you can’t wait to spend time in each day.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Linen Bedding

When shopping for your dream bedding, there are countless options on the market. Don’t be fooled by the allure of cotton sheets or bamboo bedspreads—linen remains the most popular option for many reasons, including:

  1. Hypoallergenic properties: linen is naturally hypoallergenic, working to repel dust, dander, and other household bacteria. Keep your skin clear and your rest protected with linen bedding
  2. Sustainability: linen is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics, so each sheet is environmentally ethical! The flax plant produces little to no waste and water pollution, as opposed to alternative textiles.
  3. Breathability: nothing is worse than being too hot or cold when attempting to sleep, but linen can naturally regulate your body temperature all year round.
  4. Durability: with proper care, linen sheets don’t break down over time—in fact, they only get softer with every wash!
  5. Style—with countless linen colors and a natural, rustic wrinkle, linen sheets and bedspreads are timeless, working with every interior design style.

Is Linen Bedding Available in Many Colors?

Aqua Green Linen Duvet Cover with Ties

Linen can hold high temperature extremely well, making it one of the most easily dyeable fibers out there. Each woven fiber is stronger yet loser than a cotton alternative, allowing a dye color to penetrate the linen deeply, leading to rich, long-lasting hues. From that natural tan that seems synonymous with the textile to blackest black, bright white, and every hue or pattern in between, linen bedding can be any color you need.

3 Main Categories of Linen Colors:

We provide a rainbow assortment of linen colors. When it comes time to build your bed set, start by determining which of these color categories you love most:

1.  Neutral Linen Colors

You can never go wrong with all-neutral linen colors when curating your bedroom aesthetic. While crisp white linen sheets never go out of style, a few more linen colors are included in our neutral hues. Browse our selection of grey, ivory, white, and natural tan to find a relaxing, muted color that suits your vision.

What Color is Linen Naturally?

The natural color of linen can vary depending on where the flax fiber was grown and processed, ranging from classic ivory to rich beige. This organic color is the perfect base for dying, leading to a wide variety of vibrant linen colors available. 

2. Cool-Toned Linen Colors

If you’re searching for serene blues or natural greens, consider buying cool-toned linen sheets. Choose between the rich green olive for a down-to-earth look or a bright matcha shade for a fresh style. If you’re interested in relaxing blues, we offer light pale blue, deep indigo, and bright French blue. You could even lean into a bold pop of color with an aqua-green duvet cover!

3. Warm-Toned Linen Colors

Warm linen colors can make a space feel inviting and playful. A light pink or violet linen sheet brings a beautiful, feminine energy to your space. At the same time, something bright and dramatic, such as a rust red or mustard yellow duvet cover, can make a sensual statement.  

How to Mix and Match Linen Colors

Violet Linen Flat Sheet

The easiest way to pair together multiple linen colors is to stick within a color scheme. Try using different hues from a warm or cool-toned category to create a cohesive yet bold look. If you want to combine cool and warm tones, make sure there’s something else in your room that includes both colors to tie everything together, whether it be the artwork, a throw blanket, or your wallpaper. 

You can also opt for a neutral base with statement pops of color. Options like embroidered edge sheets, colorful throw pillows, and vibrant linen dust ruffles stand out beautifully when paired with white linen duvet covers, so you can add sophisticated color placement while keeping the overall vibe feeling clean and minimalistic.

9 Tips for Choosing Linen Bedding Colors 

Between finding the right sheet size and selecting your color palette, there are a few important considerations when choosing linens for your bedroom. As you shop, use our nine trusty tips to guide you: 

Tip #1: Look at the Color of Your Walls

Before buying a linen bedding set, look at your walls. When it comes to a bedroom, the color of the walls defines the space. In order to prevent clashing, you will want to find complementary sheets.    

Neutral-colored walls give you flexibility when it comes to selecting a color. For the average white or cream wall paint, you can choose bold linen colors to stand out. On the flip side, if you have bold walls, whether an accent wall or a striking wallpaper pattern, it’s smart to stick to neutral linen colors for your bedding.  

Tip #2: Start with Style

If you start shopping based on color, you could end up with bedding that doesn’t match your overall style. First, define your existing aesthetic. Do you prefer the rustic and traditional look of embroidered sheets? Do tassels match your hippy, bohemian style? Keep your bedroom cohesive by determining what style elements you love before choosing a color.

Common Styles for Linen Bedding:

Linen bedding can be dressed up and down to work with any style. These are some of the most popular: 

  • Minimalist
  • Bohemian
  • Scandinavian
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional

Tip #3: Choose a Mood

Folded Mustard Linen Duvet Cover With Ties

Linen color can determine the mood of any bedroom. Since the bed is almost always the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it sets the tone for the energy and vibe of your space. Once you’ve determined what sheets you want, you must rule out colors that go against how you want to feel in your bedroom.  

It’s a scientific fact that colors affect our moods, and knowing your relationship with certain shades is a must. Lighter linen colors, such as light blue or dreamy white, can help create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your room, encouraging a peaceful slumber. Warm colors, like yellow and red, can stimulate happiness and energy! Playing around with how each color makes you feel is worth it. 

Tip #4: Plan Ahead

Think of your bed as a blank canvas—the linen color you choose is the paint! There’s no need to stick to the same old colored sheets you once used. When designing your ideal linen bedding, you can find inspiration anywhere.

If you consider yourself a planner, there are a few ways to think ahead. You could create a mood board complete with your favorite colors and photos of ideal bedrooms to help guide you toward a linen color choice. Start a Pinterest board, cut out magazine pictures for a collage, or add individual colors to your camera roll to get a clear vision of the hues you admire before buying.

If you’re more of a “buy on a whim” shopper, you don’t need to go full-out with the planning. While it’s fun to live on the edge a little, it’s still a smart idea to have some sort of color preferences while shopping. Bring paint swatches from your wall or take note of colors that already exist in your décor to ensure the bedding will complement your space.  

Tip #5: Consider Solid Linen Colors

Green Olive Linen Fitted Sheet

Solid colors can set a relaxing and Zen-like tone for a space that’s perfect for drifting off to sleep. After a long, busy day, help your brain wind down with a calm, planned color scheme in your linen bedding.

But solid doesn’t have to mean basic! Lean into a monochromatic trend for a contemporary look by sticking to linen bedding of one hue or finding each piece in a slightly different shade within the same color family. 

Tip #6: Play with Patterns

If you’d prefer your bed to have as much personality as you, consider adding colorful patterns to your bedding. With countless choices, from classic florals to geometric shapes, a pattern can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bed—it’s just a matter of finding one in your desired color. 

To accomplish this bohemian style, consider the ways you can include patterns. Would you prefer to power clash by featuring multiple patterns among the different sheets? Perhaps featuring a subtle pattern on one layer with a color that ties everything together is more your style. When pairing together bold and beautiful linen colors and patterns, no dream is too big!

Tip #7: Don’t Clash with the Furniture

When blending linen colors, don’t forget to consider the furniture. Everything near your bed, such as the frame, side table, or dresser, should be considered to create a beautifully blended environment. If your bedroom furniture is white or black, almost any color works—but wood is another story. 

When it comes to wood furniture and linen colors, balance is everything. Play with matching or contrasting hues to give your bedding the spotlight it deserves. When paired with darker wood, lighter or muted linen colors create a sophisticated depth. On the other hand, bold linen colors stand out against light wood.   

Tip #8: Feature Accent Colors

French Blue Linen Quilted Sham

If bright, vibrant sheets don’t fit your vision, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate color into your linen bedding. Whether you want to use mainly blue hues or timeless white, selecting the base linen color for your bedding is just the first step. No creative bed set is complete without accent colors. 

Your accent colors can be as eclectic or cohesive as you like. For a subtle pop of color, add a single throw pillow or blanket to your linen bedding to tie in a different color from your palette. Highlight underlying colors in your wall art, rugs, or wall color with one or two accent colors and change the entire vibe of your space. 

Pro style tip: For maximalist aesthetics, the more sheets and pillows you add to your bedding, the more opportunities you have to add linen color accents! 

Best Linen Bedding Accent Pieces

With the right styling, any layer to your linen bedding can work as the accent piece. Keep the rest of your sheets and duvet covers matching while throwing a colorful decoration with one of these into the mix: 

  • Bolster cushion—add a bold hue to the top of your linen bedding with this playful pillow. 
  • Fitted sheet—play with making your bottom sheet the colorful layer so that pulling back your sheets will reveal its surprising shade!
  • Throw blanket—a vibrant throw blanket can be easily put on or taken off the bed, making this an easy piece to switch out for different linen bedding looks. 

Tip #9: Feel Free to Experiment

Above all else, our favorite tip is: Have fun and experiment! If you want to play with bold colors and fun patterns, try it out. Go wild and pair an olive green fitted sheet with French blue quilted shams—this is an excuse to discover your personal style. 

How Often Should You Change Your Linen Bedding

Expert sources recommend washing your sheets at least once a week, but waiting for sheets to dry can be a pain. We recommend you have two to three sheet sets to ensure maximum comfort during this period. Having multiple linen bedding sets is also a wonderful excuse to play with different color pairings!

Your bedroom is a sanctuary—and you get to decide every detail. From choosing an interior décor style to deciding between patterns and solid colors, there are many things to consider as you try to make your bed beautiful. Discover the rainbow of linen colors available and invest in luxurious linen bedding today.  

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